One official a "lock" for Spicer

One of the top DE prospects out of California, Averell Spicer's popularity is obvious. The choices he has for schools is a "dream list" for any recruit in the country. Now, Spicer just has to figure out what he wants to do.

Coming off a 14 sacks season, most kids would be elated about what they could accomplish going into the final season of prep-ball. Take that and times it by ten, because Spicer isn't just better, he's got a new coach that said to Spicer, "You're going to get at least 20 this year.". "Our new defensive line coach, in his system, he said I could get at least that many." Averell said. "So, I am pretty excited about the season."

It's not like Spicer has anything to prove, already sporting offers from Arizona, Duke, Florida State, Nebraska, USC, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington, Alabama, Oregon, Mississippi State, Kansas State, Colorado, Michigan and Oklahoma.

With that kind of list, most would say that's it, I'm done and I have nothing left to prove. Not Spicer. "I want to be the best defensive end in the country." he said. "I want 20-plus sacks and basically just dominate my entire senior year."

That's something Spicer has already done pretty well, his gaudy sack-total complimenting the 60+ tackles he had on the season. And, according to The Insiders' national recruiting analyst, Jamie Newberg, that success will probably only increase.

"Spicer is a very good looking defensive end prospect on film. He is very quick, strong and athletic. He shows excellent quickness off the football and has a real knack for finding the ball. Spicer has a nice change of direction and runs well both laterally and north-south. He is quick off the edge and is an excellent pass rusher. Spicer is a solid tackler. Once he gets his hands on you your going down. Spicer plays under control, uses his hands well and fights off blocks well. Overall, he looks to be a very athletic and top-notch defensive end prospect." - Jamie Newberg

When it's all said and done, what you can imagine will probably be true-Spicer will have his choice of where he wants to go. Given that luxury, Spicer isn't in any hurry to really think about those schools, so that gives him yet another luxury in being able to make his decision not just on what he sees now, but after the seasons are over. "I think I am probably going to wait until after my season so that I can base my decision a little on what those teams do." he said. "I don't have to go to the national championship team, but I definitely want to go to a place that really cares about winning."

Considering the teams that have offered him, that doesn't narrow his list down that much, but it hasn't stopped Averell from at least thinking about his officials, or in this case, one that he's fairly certain. "I can honestly say that if any one school is a lock-down for an official, it's Nebraska." Averell said. "They invited me for an official, say they would come pick me up and I love the fact that their fan-base has just that team to watch. They don't have any professional sports there, so it's all about that football program. Plus, they have a tradition of winning."

Averell isn't decided on the rest of his officials, but stated that he's happy with the position he's in right now. "I have got a lot of great schools recruiting me." he said. "It will be hard to narrow it all down, but I plan to after my season is done."

When you look at the Insiders' rankings that are to come out this month, look for Spicer's name early, because it's going to be close to the top for preps at his position around the country. And, if Averell has anything to say about it, he'll be at THE top when his final year closes out.

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