Beck commits - Tuitama family reacts

Nebraska to take only one QB? It looks like they got that one in recent commit, Harrison Beck. How do others react, especially those that could have been Huskers themselves. We caught up with the Tuitama family to get their reactions to yesterday's news.

I had a chance to talk to Willie's dad (Louie) this evening about the commit of QB, Harrison Beck.

Being avid on-line watchers, they were fully aware of the event and of course, the fact that it was well-known from Harrison that he (Harrison) was THE guy and Nebraska got their guy.

You can imagine the disappointment for anyone that had Nebraska as a possible team they would like to attend, but as Louie Tuitama said, for Willie, it might have been a little different. "Well, you know he was a ball boy at the Nebraska game against Pacific." he said laughing. "I remember it was raining and they sent everyone and the cheerleaders under the overhang, but Willie came out in this Nebraska red neoprene suit, this Nebraska hat and he was out there for the game."

"He just looked so funny covered in Husker red, running into the OP huddle. It was hilarious."

That bond to Nebraska continued for years, if only inside, but before Tuitama could become the ultra-popular-prep he is right now, Nebraska again renewed ties with the California standout. "You know they offered him without even looking at him." Tuitama stated. "That means something when someone does that."

Considering all this, you would think that Nebraska had to have been up there in regards to all the schools that have been going after Willie thus far.

They were, but for more reasons than what Nebraska is now, but what they've always been in the eyes of the Tuitama family. "When you walk around campuses like Cal or Washington, they are like cities unto themselves." he said. "At Nebraska, the entire state is that school and they revolve around what they do. It's just so different than what you are used to seeing around here. All that red, it's just fantastic to see."

With the commit though, for the Tuitamas, it will probably be time to move on. As has been noted, especially by the commit himself, Harrison Beck, Nebraska was after one and got the one they were after. For Louie Tuitama, it's a time where he'll probably reminisce somewhat, because he knows it's time to move on. "Oh, we knew that Harrison was their guy." he said. "So, they got him and honestly, I wish Nebraska all the luck. They are such a great program and we will always enjoy watching them, because there's just so much about that program to like."

As for Willie, Mr. Tuitama said that he was disappointed as you might expect, but already, because of all the attention he's received in recent months, the young Tuitama realizes that he's going to have to make some hard decisions himself. "Willie knows the business." the elder Tuitama stated. "And he knows that when the time comes, he's going to have to make some choices to. Nebraska has had to do that, Willie will have to do that. That's just the nature of how it is. We are fortunate though to have those choices, so we're grateful for everything we've experienced so far."

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