One QB still looking at Nebraska

With the pledge of QB, Harrison Beck to the University of Nebraska, every QB that was interested in Nebraska is now looking the other way. Right? Well, as they say in that commercial, "not exactly". So says, Antonio Bass.

Harrison Beck commits. So, realistically, that should be it for any QB that was thinking about Nebraska.

Well, that is unless you are Antonio Bass. Yes, Nebraska had been recruiting him as a QB, but that's not all Bass can do. In fact, when you have a consistent 4.4/40, QB is just the beginning.

With all the offers that Antonio has on the table, not all of them are for playing under center. Florida, a school he plans unofficially visiting this Summer while on vacation, they have offered him as a wideout. When asked about whether or not NU would be intriguing to him as someone catching instead of throwing, he replied simply, "Heck yeah, it's still Nebraska. "

"Because Nebraska was recruiting me as a quarterback, I know all the offensive changes they have made, so I know that for wide receivers, it should be a good future to."

The obvious belief in the change here comes on the heels of NU's recent catch of a star QB in Florida. And for Bass, if he's thinking receiver, he doesn't mind if NU gets someone that can get the job done. "Oh sure, as a receiver, you want a QB that can get you the ball." he said. "If Nebraska says, 'ok, we want you as a receiver', I'll start looking at that as to who they have back there."

Bass has been getting the usual onslaught of attention, all that leading up until the end of May. Now with offers from no less than 16 schools including the likes of Florida, Notre Dame, Michigan, LSU, Nebraska and so on, Bass's choices are many.

And now, as a Nebraska fan looks at Bass, it's different, but still prompts the same question as before - which position would he rather play? "You know, it's not a big deal for me right now." Antonio said. "I want to play, I want to be a factor and I want to have fun. I'll worry about the rest as my season goes along."

Bass still lists no favorites as of yet.

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