New Orleans Offensive Lineman Is No "Big Easy"

As usual, Louisiana is going to put out it's own fair share of super-preps this year. Ryan Perrilloux heads the Bayou class of stars. While Eric Block may not find himself amidst the same list as Perrilloux, he's going to try and get close his final high school year of ball.

Eric Block
6-3 265 5.1
Jesuit High School
New Orleans, LA

In an age of big players with even bigger egos, Eric Block of New Orleans' Jesuit High School is a big breath of fresh air. As in 6-3, 265 pounds big. Eric complements 5.1 speed in the 40 with impressive strength, with a single rep best in the bench press of 365 pounds, and a 3-rep best of 315 pounds. Add to those attributes an ACT score of 29 and a GPA of 3.7, and you have an impressive prospect from the Bayou State.

Thus far, Eric has attended camps at Louisiana Tech, and will be at Tulane for a camp on Friday. This weekend, he will be at Auburn, and at Alabama the following weekend. A good showing at the L-Tech camp caught the attention of the coaching staff, where he demonstrated his ability to "really gun" snaps in a passing offense, along with good footwork technique. Earlier this spring, he spent his break taking short unofficial visits to Ole' Miss, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

As for recruiting attention, Eric stated that he has heard from the likes of Ole Miss, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Michigan State, LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, and Nebraska. His favorite coaches thus far in the process are Coach T.D. Woods of Ole Miss, and Coach Knox of Auburn. Auburn has been perhaps the most aggressive in his recruiting, receiving mail almost daily, while Auburn, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Notre Dame have all sent hand-written letters.

A talented center prospect from the Deep South… lots of recruiting attention from southern universities… makes sense. So, when asked which schools he would most like to hear more from, Eric immediately mentioned two traditional powers from the north; Notre Dame and Nebraska. Block explained that, "When I was younger, my favorite team was Notre Dame - - they were the ‘good guys. When I got a little older, I started to really like Nebraska - - they were the ‘bad guys', the guys who would ‘hit you in the mouth. So, I started to like them a lot. Now, I don't really have a favorite team."

The thing that stuck out in my conversation with Eric Block was that he understands not only his talent, but his limitations as well. When asked about offers, he stated that he has verbal offers from the University of Louisiana-Monroe, and the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. He also said that he understands that major college coaches are not immediately impressed with 6-3, 265 pound lineman anymore. So, he knows he has to be a worker, and that because of this, "I am in terms of technique as good of an offensive lineman as there is out there." Eric said that he knows that he has to "keep progressing, keep working hard, and then everything else will take care of itself." What would the toughest opponent he has ever faced say about him? Eric said that the response would probably be that "Eric is a tough player - - he's kind of a mean player. He's someone who keeps blocking until the whistle blows, every play. I don't like to face him too often."

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