WR becoming one of TX best!

David Nelson started taking officials when he attending spring games at Kansas State, Texas and Texas A&M. According to him Kansas State was an early leader, but it has changed and an August commitment that was in the plans has been pushed off until December or January.

It's easy to understand how you are popular ant 6-foot-6 and 200 pounds. David Nelson is bringing a lot of recruiting attention to Wichita Falls, Texas and Rider High School. He's at 14 offers and rising.

He's already taken a handful of unofficial visits with at least one more yet to come. "Went to Texas and Oklahoma. I went to Texas first. I loved it," Nelson said.

"I've been there a few times before. I've gone to a few home games. Lived in Texas most my life and I have been to Austin a few times. I've followed Texas football closely about all my life."

Nelson hasn't been in Texas his entire life, but a majority has been spent in the borders of Texas. Born in Dallas, Nelson moved to Baton Rouge and then to Edmond, Okla. From Edmond he moved to Wichita Falls.

David just got back from Norman, Okla. "My mother graduated from Oklahoma. I was familiar with the campus. I got to see a few guys up there that I played Junior High football with. It was a good experience. I learned a lot of things at both of those camps. I enjoyed it."

Although he camped at both Texas and Oklahoma he is not holding an offer from either school. "Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, Kansas, Texas Tech, Houston, Purdue, Texas A&M, Duke, SMU, and Colorado have offered."

Three other schools have welcomed Nelson to campus recently for unofficial visits. "I took an unofficial to Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Kansas State."

David unofficially visited Nebraska on May 29. "I loved it. I went up there and talked to Coach Bill Callahan was the first thing that I did. I toured the facilities and I got to look at some of the things that they are planning for the future; new indoor facility, new locker room and all kinds of stuff. I got to walk on the field. Got to go and look at the locker room. Got to do just about everything. I talked to the coaches and we talked about the west coast offense with Oakland and Jerry Rice."

Bill Callahan recently moved from the NFL and back into the collegiate level to coach. At Nebraska he is planning on changing the option-oriented offense into the west coast offense. He has already sealed up a commitment from his No. 1 quarterback prospect. Is there any significance of having a former pro coach in college?

"The fact that he has coached two of the best wide receivers that have ever lived -- Jerry Rice and Tim Brown. He knows how to feature those guys and knows how to coach them. He knows what it takes at the next level. That really gets me going."

The first stop on his latest round of unofficials actually took him to Okalahoma State. "I really like Coach Myles. I really like what he's done with that program and turned it around. What they did with Rashaun Woods and how they feature him. They know how to throw the ball to their No. 1 guy."

From Stillwater he went to Lincoln. After Lincoln he stopped off in Manhattan, Kan. This is not the first time he's heen in Manhattan. He was there for a spring game. There were rumors flying around that Kansas State was his early leader.

"I was, I was. This was the second time I had been to Kansas State. I went to their spring game. On our way back (from Nebraska) we wanted to check it out a little more. The spring game we really enjoyed it. I really like the conversation we had with Coach Snyder. I was shown that over the past 11 years that ten receivers have gone pro from that program."

On Nelson's leader board now is a big open space. He claims that there isn't a solid leader, but it's clear that some teams have made a good impression on the big-time receiver.

"At the time I had only been to Texas, Texas A&M and Kansas State. At the time Kansas State really blew me away. As I went up to Oklahoma State and Nebraska I realized that there were more schools up there that I could play for and I can see myself at. I think that it is a little more open. I am heading up to Notre Dame in about two weeks. I guess we'll just see, it's still really early. I was going to make my decision in early August. It's probably going to take to late December, early January."

One thing that David was made aware of this past week was the recent commitment of Harrison Beck, a quarterback from Clearwater, Flor., to Nebraska. "I saw that, I spoke to the coaches about it. He (Harrison Beck) is headed up to Nebraska for a quarterback camp in two weeks. I was really wanting to get up there and watch him work-out."

"I was really pumped on Texas A&M after seeing that Stephen McGee did. I'd really like to get up there to see how he was throwing the ball around and see if this is the guy that I want to play with. They were selling that to me. They knew that would be something I would be interested in. The fact that they got a drop-back quarterback lets me know that they are set on throwing the football."

Nelson is looking for a school that not only has a good team, but is focused on academics. He is also looking at tradition, facilities and the coaching staff. A commitment to players on and off the field is big for David.

Beyond the June 22-23 visit to Notre Dame, David could be done for unofficials. He will be visiting Notre Dame for an official on October 2 as well. "I am in the process of working with Coach Gill to get on scheduled so I can go up there. I'm for sure going to go up to Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Notre Dame. The other one is kind of open right now."

The schools that Nelson either has officials set up for or that he is setting up an official to, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Kansas State, are his early leaders. "Yes, they are my leaders right now."

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