Reggie Smith returns from Nebraska

Nebraska has left the door wide open for Reggie Smith to walk through it any way he wants. If he wants to play offense he can play wide receiver for the Huskers. And if he wants to play defense he not only can play safety, where most are recruiting him, but the coaches said he could play cornerback as well.

With 10 offers and counting, Reggie Smith doesn't have to sell himself at camps. He is all about getting better though and his competitive nature keeps him going. Nebraska was the third camp that he has attended this year and the first outside the state of his native state of Oklahoma's borders.

"We got there Saturday night, stayed all day Sunday and stayed there a while this morning and came home," Smith said.

During the camp Smith did not test out. He did partake in wide receiver drills, defensive back drills and seven on seven. Smith was able to show off his skills at all three positions that Nebraska has said he can play in Lincoln. "Nebraska is recruiting me as a cornerback, safety and a wide receiver."

While he was in Lincoln some things really stood out to Smith. "I like the facilities and I like the coaching staff. Coach Blake is crazy." Coach John Blake has been Smith's primary recruiter for Smith. "He's just crazy. He relates to kids well and is overall just a great guy."

Although Coach Blake has been his primary recruiter he had a chance to meet the entire coaching staff at Nebraska while he was in Lincoln. This was the first time he has ever been in Lincoln and had some things to say about his experience.

"I got to see the academics and that was real nice. I liked how they had it set up right next to the training table. When you are there to eat you got to go to the academics too."

Smith also had a chance to see the plans for the $50 million dollar facility/stadium upgrades that are scheduled. "That looks like that will be nice. It would be done by my sophomore year if I went there it would be all new."

Smith has had a chance to see Oklahoma and Oklahoma State before Nebraska and had some basis for comparison. "It was pretty nice. I'm just trying to get out there and see all of these colleges and see what they are all about."

Smith was reluctant to comment on how the experiences rated against one another. "I don't know how to rate them. I'm just wide open and I'll see what I think later on."

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