NU Summer Sessions - Part II

One session down, two to go. This session offered the same template, but different players and that promises the potential of known players showing what everyone expects and maybe some unknowns rising to the top. Nebraska got a little of both in the first day of Session number two.

The great thing about each session of Summer camp is that each one promises something entirely different than the other. This second Summer session for NU lived up to that, the theme changing from speed, speed and more speed to size, size and more size. It was the day of the "bigguns" as they came out in droves for Nebraska's Summer Camp part deux.

It's not like the first session of Summer camp at the University of Nebraska was void of those big angry types. But, the biggest player I talked to during that first session was 6'3" and 321 lbs. Yeah, that's big, but that was about to be dwarfed, multiple times.

This was when the "bigguns came out - Orion Matthies of Overton high school, Zach Potter of Creighton Prep and an unknown, but certainly not unsung, Jared Elliot out of Notrona County in Casper Wyoming. None of the aforementioned trio stood less than 6'6".

Orion Matties, probably the best in-state lineman this year impressed early and often during this first salvo of session number two. So much so, that he was pulled aside and ran through some individual drills against the

OM.jpg - 57375 Bytes

OL, Orion Matthies showed himself
to be the creme of the crop for the
linemen in attendance during the
first day of the second Summer
session at NU. Now, all he needs is
is an offer from Nebraska.
other two already mentioned above.

Matthies was a warrior down in the trenches, easily the most physical and Orion plays with a definite mean streak. Good feet, good hands and tenacity compliments what will be a force for Overton high school this year.

Now, the question is, does Matthies get an offer? After watching Matthies today, I would see it hard for Nebraska not to offer him shortly after this camp session has concluded. And, if that's the case, does Matthies commit? "No, I'd still need some time to think about it." Orion said. "I'm hoping they offer, but I don't know that I would be ready to make any decisions anytime soon."

ZPBC.jpg - 51013 Bytes

Bill Callahan coach Zach Potter in
some brief offensive line drills. Zach
worked out at both the OL position
and TE.
Now, Zach Potter already has an offer along with the other known offer from Kansas. Well, in the last week, Potter has added offers from Iowa State and Kansas State as well. That's opening things up for the fleet-footed tight end prospect and because of that, Potter isn't thinking about his decision to come too soon as well. "I'll probably commit in November or around there." Zach said. "I wanted to come here and check things out and see what all the coaches were like and they were all great. Callahan is great, Blake is great and I got along with everyone real well. But, I'm still not ready to make any kind of decision."

There is one player that would make a decision though and that's 6'6" 300

JE.jpg - 53543 Bytes

One of the surprises on the day
was lineman, Jared Elliot of Casper,
Wyoming. The 6'6" 300 lbs. lineman
showed remarkably good feet and
even worked in some individual drills
following the first full day of practices.
lbs., Jared Elliot. I noticed this one not just because of his size, but his feet. For a kid his size, Elliot had simply solid feet, getting out of his stance fairly well, but moving side to side extremely well along with changing direction.

And wouldn't you know it, the coaches pulled him aside to work out with both Matthies and Potter. In one-on-ones, Elliot's one real weakness came out in that he's not overly good with his hands. Considering how good his feet were, I will attribute that more to coaching and the fact that like many his size, Elliot just doesn't see any players that can physically match up. If not for Elliot's 40 time (5.8), I would think that he would be a shoe-in for an offer, but not even a dreadful start in that test can take him totally off the map. I think Elliot is going to be one that bears watching in the future.

While big was "in", there's one player that found himself grabbing a little of

AJW.jpg - 47543 Bytes

McDonough's, A.J. Wallace showed
just about every bit of versatility that
you would want in an athlete. Fast,
agile, quick, Wallace exhibited the
whole package. And, he's just a
junior-to-be. Nebraska is looking at
him to play either WR or DB.
his own spotlight and he was clearly not amongst the giants. Athlete, A.J. Wallace from McDonough high school in Maryland showed that he's already walking into the limelight just as a junior-to-be. His 40-time of 4.44 was a good start, but in an individual workout, Wallace showed extremely good agility, a very nice burst off the line and someone who knows how to close on the ball. Wallace doesn't currently have any offers as you might imagine, but his interest in Nebraska is obvious. "Oh yeah, I'm interested in Nebraska." A.J. said. "That's why I am here."

Wallace's teammate, TE, David Harvey also could be on the radar for the

DH.jpg - 34097 Bytes
Teammate of A.J. Wallace, TE,
David Henry could be a possible
target for NU. The 6'4" 230 lbs. TE
will have to improve his speed, but
if he does that, Harvey will be one
to watch.
future, but nearer as he's going into his final year of prep-ball. The 6'4" 230 lbs. TE showed decent range, pretty good agility, but his 5.1/40 is probably going to hurt him some in the end.

One more "biggun" hit the map today as Junior-to-be, D.J. Jones from Omaha Central showed a little of why he'll be one to watch. The 6'6" 300 pounder is a mountain of strength with pretty good feet and decent hands. The only downside I saw in D.J. today was his competition. Never facing anyone even remotely close to his size, Jones wasn't overly energetic in the one-on-one drills. It will be interesting to see him when the 7 on 7 starts tomorrow.

Oh and speaking of the youth movement, how about a 6'4" 275 lbs. Sophomore to be? That's Cody Cooke from Enid, Oklahoma and he's already getting letters from Colorado State, Colorado, Wyoming and Washington State. Remember that name folks, because it looks like many are already well aware of him.

Yep, it was the day for the big guys, muscle and girth defining the afternoon. Though the first session at Nebraska wasn't void of these trench-titans, but compared to this round, it was pale my comparison. It's not how you start though, it's how you finish and we'll keep an eye on these standouts to see just how they do and of course, see if we can spot anyone else that rises to the top.

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