NU Summer Camps - Session 2-Part 2

The longest day of camps is over. The second day of each session is supposed to be the longest though. That's also a time where some of the more popular recruits from around the country are bound to show up. Reggie Smith did in the first session, but not to be outdone, one of the more touted offensive linemen recruits in the country, Daniel Borg decided to drop by. His presence along with some stellar performances by in-state sandouts like, Jake Behrens made this for an entertaining session.

Day two of session two now finds itself a part of history. Ok, nothing so melodramatic, but it sounded good, eh? The "bigguns" took the limelight yesterday and once again they made a push for face-time today. Not to be outdone by the giants, there were some skill position players that rose straight to the top.

OMDB.jpg - 47261 Bytes

Offensive lineman, Daniel Borg
(right) was able to get the better of
Orion Matthies in many of the
physical battles. Matthies though,
his success came through some of
his technique, Orion actually being
able to move Borg around at times.

With one of the more touted linemen in the country bursting onto the scene in Day 2, the linemen were sure to keep the mantle of most recognizable unit in camp. Daniel Borg, The Arizona standout promised to make what was an already interesting camp with the lineman that much more-so.

Borg didn't disappoint.

Borg showed everything of what you expect from someone that has double-digit offers in writing. Good feet, good hands and of course, he's hard as hell to move. Being strong as an ox didn't hurt, especially in individual drills where he was matched up primarily with Overton standout, Orion Matthies.

It was an interesting duel between the two as they were executing a variety of

DB.jpg - 49953 Bytes
When the Insiders' rankings comes
out in approximately a week, Daniel
Borg should find himself rated as
amongst the nation's best.
drills set to them by Nebraska offensive line coach, Dennis Wagner. And when they were just facing off, while Borg looked expectedly good, I personally have to wonder why Matthies isn't sitting on at least a few offers right now.

Matthies gave as good as he got from Borg and while Daniel was the more physical of the two, Matthies showed what I thought to be better hands, Matthies maneuvering Borg around at times. To me, these are both quality linemen with drastically different recruiting tails to tell. From the way it looks though, I just can't see Nebraska not offering Orion before too long.

Another that fought his way into the stand-offs of the big men was DE/OL, Nate Fehr. The Millard North star got in and battled, but was not as polished at the position as either Matthies or Borg. Not long on size, Fehr weighing in at just 260 lbs., that was going to be a problem. But, his hands and

NFJE.jpg - 49707 Bytes
DE, Nate Fehr (#60) work with Jared
Elliot in an individual drill in front of
NU O-line coach, Dennis Wagner. As
large as Fehr is, it was obvious how
far he still has to go to play the
position he's being recruited for the
most, offensive tackle.
feet weren't the equal of the others that were competing in individual drills. Fehr doesn't have any offers currently and from the early look, it doesn't look as if he'll get one from NU, but with an entire year yet to play, Fehr may still have something to show.

Another that competed with the lineman was a prospect we mentioned earlier, TE, David Harvey of McDonough high school in Maryland. Harvey certainly had the height, but was easily the lightest of everyone there, thus making it hard for him to match up in certain drills. I personally see that Harvey would be better suited for the offensive line position as his speed just doesn't show a lot of promise at tight end. He'll have to put on some size and work on his technique, but again, with a year to go, there's some room to develop. And, Harvey definitely has the frame for another 40 lbs.

Jared Elliot, another that I covered in the prior piece, once again was amongst those working in the drills. Once again, he showed good power, good energy, but even he stated that today probably wasn't his day. "I don't know, my head just didn't seem to be in it today." Jared said. "Not sure why, but it just wasn't there." Even when it's not "there" for Elliot, because of his size, he's still a dramatically imposing individual. Today might have been a set-back for Elliot, but it was a minor one. And, there is still another day.

Moving away from the guys playing the down-position, there was another Millard North star that made his presence known. Jake Behrens, a fullback for this powerhouse of a team wasn't an unknown commodity,

Jake Behrens.jpg - 38875 Bytes
Millard North's, Jake Behrens showed a ton
over the two days of this three day camp.
From his feet to his surprisingly good hands,
Behrens should have almost cemented an
offer for himself from NU.
rather, he was untested. Untested because of Millard North's offense in that with Jake, you knew he could block and you had a good idea of his feet, but in the "West Coast" offense, even the fullback has to catch. His hands. How were they?

Jake showed just what he could do.

In an individual drill where the coaches had Behrens fielding punts, Jake fielded approximately twenty straight without dropping one. On top of that, Behrens showed good explosiveness after the catch and a very good change of direction. I personally didn't know much about Jake other than the fact that he was a capable blocker and strong as a couple of horses. Behrens showed everything though, from being able to cut to his straight-line speed (4.6/40).

And, that was on offense.

JB2.jpg - 56654 Bytes
Jake Behrens grabbed two interceptions
in the first game of 7 on 7. Throughout
the entirety of camp, Behrens has had to
of improved his stock dramatically.
On defense, especially during 7 on 7 competition, Jake grabbed two interceptions in one contest. It wasn't enough to bring his team a victory as they were just edged out by 2 points, but Behrens showed that he could close on the ball as well as he burst through the line with it when he was playing the other side of the ball. Jake showed me a lot and from many aspects of what he can offer as an athlete, but obviously as a fullback. He'll need to add 20 or so pounds, but he's got the frame to do it and Nebraska hasn't had that "complete" fullback in quite some time. It would be very surprised if Nebraska doesn't come up with an offer for him.

Before you get too excited though, Behrens does have an offer from Colorado and while I'm not sure how legit the interest is from the Behrens family towards the Buffs, Jake is also looking at schools like Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Kansas State, Georgia Tech and Iowa. If any of those teams comes up with an offers as well, NU is by no means a sure-thing.

There were a few players that came out of nowhere, but the one I was most impressed by was LB, Darren

DT.jpg - 52579 Bytes

LB, Darren Thompson even with a strained
ligament in his ankle was able to show alot
of athletic versatility. Thompson tested good
in the 40, showed a decent burst on the field
in 7 on 7 and has the right frame for playing
the inside position.
Thompson. A stout and impressive physical specimen, Thompson showed straight-line speed, good lateral movement and a pretty decent burst to the ball. Thompson hails from San Diego, California and attends Mission Bay high school. As a Junior, Darren racked up an impressive resume', forcing 2 fumbles, grabbing 5 fumble recoveries and he totaled 115 tackles which included 10 sacks.

Thompson did say that he was participating in this camp with a strained ligament in his ankle. If that's true, what we saw with a strain is pretty darn impressive and I would be very curious to see what this young man could do at full speed. He was grabbing quite a bit of attention from the coaches, so this name could be one to watch for the future.

And, so ends day two of session two where the creme started rising to the top. Players like A.J. Wallace continued to impress while players like Darren Thompson showed that aren't to be ignored. And, even a celebrity like Daniel Borg came in and showed just why he was one of the more touted kids around. I'll tell you what though, Orion Matthies isn't far behind.

Tomorrow are the championship rounds of 7 on 7 and the "fastest man" competition as this session winds to a close. Right now, the early money is on A. J. Wallace. We'll see how that pans out.

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