NU camp pays dividends for Picou

For any recruit attending any team camp over the Summer, there's probably a couple of motivating reasons as to why they are there. One of those reaons might be to learn something new, pick up on something you might not have known and take that into your final season of prep-ball. The overriding reason though, it's to get noticed. Let the coaches see what you have and make them want you on their team. Rodney Picou attended NU's camp this weekend and made sure the staff at NU had to notice him.

If speed was all the NU staff cared about, that probably would have been enough to warrant an offer from the staff. As Picou recalled though from individual drills ran in front of the coaches, they had a lot more on their mind."They wanted to see what my feet were like and my agility." Rodney said. "You know, just how I could move instead of just how fast I was."

Picou showed that. So much so, the offer that most can only wish for he got and now he looks to the future and thinking about the trip he just took.

Picou wasn't alone on his trip though, accompanied by his best friend, Richard Pacheco, another offensive lineman that like Picou was hoping to impress the NU coaches enough that they would offer him as well. And Picou has stated many times that one of his desires was that they would play together at the next level if at all possible.

That offer didn't come for Richard, so one has to wonder if Rodney will wait for a school to offer both of them or will he evaluate this as a personal decision, opting to go not necessarily where the situation is ideal for both, but what he thinks is best for him as an individual in the end. "Well, it would be nice." Rodney said. "I mean, we're like best friends, but I know that whatever I do, it has to be the best decision for me. I'd love it if we could play together, but I have to think about my future and just do what's best for me."

What's best or what's the most important for Picou is Summer school. With two classes slated for the off-season and an SAT to take following that, Picou knew that he would have to take these classes to raise his GPA to a level high enough to qualify. With the offer from Nebraska, what was an obvious necessity becomes even more-so because Rodney knows what's on the line. "Now that I have an offer from a place like that, I know I have to do this." Rodney said of qualifying. "I know that I can't think of anything else other than school and doing well on that SAT. I can't even think of where I want to go, because if I don't have the grades, I can't go anywhere, so that's what I am going to do."

The grade issue and it's importance goes without saying. If Rodney doesn't pass, he doesn't get the chance to compete at the Division 1-A level following his senior year. It's so much the overriding concern that while Rodney is elated with the offer from NU, he has to put that in the back of his mind for now. "To be honest, once these classes are behind me and I have done what I needed to do, then I can really think about where I am going. Because, if I don't, it won't matter."

Rodney did say though that if he does pass, he's already got his sights set on the school was just at. "If my parents are excited about it and we all think that's where I should be, if my grades are good enough, that's probably where I will go." Rodney said of the University of Nebraska. "I learned more in three days there than I ever have here at school - stuff I didn't even know you could do."

"Just to get an offer from a place like that, it's pretty big, so it's easy to want to get school out of the way so we can really sit down and think about everything."

Picou will have the two aforementioned classes this Summer and his dad (Rodney Sr.) is getting ready to schedule Picou's date with the SAT. If all goes well, it would seem like the fleet-footed Picou will be a future Husker.

That's a ways away, but it's still exciting for Rodney to think about. "You have to be excited about getting an offer from them." Rodney said of Nebraska. "It's big. I mean, it's a big deal. That's why I can't think about anything else not, not even them until my school-stuff is behind me. After that, I can get excited about what's coming up."

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