The stars coming out by day - NU QB camp Day 2

As the first Nebraska Elite QB camp hit it's midway point, the media attention for future Husker, Harrison Beck had not dwindled. Media in tow for yet another day, Harrison took the field in another round of practices and competitions. It would be two more quarterbacks however that would start to pace the day as THE players to beat.

While for many reasons, Harrison Beck has been the star of Nebraska's first-ever Elite quarterback camp, there were many campers that weren't bowing to the popularity of this Floridian star.

In fact, two slingers in particular really set the tone and continue to set it as they could very well be household names of the future.

Ironically enough, it is the future we are talking about, neither of these field generals to be Seniors this year. Yes, it's the youth movement in Memorial.

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Josh Freeman of GrandView, MO.
just going into his Junior year will
more than likely be one of if not the
top rated QB in the entire Midwest
region by the time he's hit his Sr.
year. A young, but already well
stocked talent, between his physical
presence along with his already solid
skills, Freeman is one to watch.

First, Josh Freeman . Someone we mentioned, but this young man bears mentioning some more. At 6'6", you'd think him a lanky type, but there's some body to this budding star. A long smooth delivery and a strong arm are compliments to this Grandview, Missouri standout.

While Josh is certainly not conceding to Harrison Beck in potential, they do share some similarities in how they approach the game. "He's a lot like Beck out there." Josh's father, Paul said of his son. "He just likes to have fun when he's out there."

Freeman does indeed exude a youthful energy while on the field. Smiling, running around and just playing catch, even in the midst of arm-twisting drills. The elder Freeman commented about how spent the players were last night, yet here they are today as if they hadn't thrown a ball.

Besides energy, Freeman also brings fairly smooth feet for someone his size, especially since he's only been that size a short time. Paul said of his son that most of his height he carries now has came about in the last year or so. Considering that factor, Freeman was very adept in moving around, sliding and his overall footwork in the myriad of QB drills.

Freeman already has written offers from the University of Kansas and Missouri. It's quite possible that after he's left Lincoln, he could have one from Nebraska as well.

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Ryan Mallet has "phenom" written
all over him. Great frame, huge
hands, a cannon for an arm and
he's just out of his freshmen year
of high school. You don't have to
worry about keeping an eye out for
this one. You won't have a choice
in a few years. Ryan's name should
be everywhere.
The other gem of the group was Texarkana's, Ryan Mallet . Just 15 years old, Mallet stands well in excess of 6'4" and if his size as a Sophomore to be isn't enough to make you take a second look, his hands most certainly will. Size 11 hands. Mallet just doesn't hold the football, he encompasses it with those gargantuan palms and fingers. The "wet-ball" competition today might as well have been one of using Teflon instead of water and for this young man, it wouldn't have made a difference.

Point of fact, Ryan finished 3rd amongst the quarterbacks in the long-ball competition, hurling the football an impressive 63 yards.

That's really just the beginning of what this young man has to offer. Like Freeman he's smooth, has a long fluid delivery and the ball either comes off of his mammoth hands with the intensity of a bullet or with a soft touch, the ball gliding gently to it's target.

Mallet is slated to start for his Texas High team this year, having already started for the freshmen team last year. And yes, even at the ripe old age of 15, he's already hearing from schools like neighbor, the University of Arkansas.

You would imagine and be quite correct in assuming that as a Sophomore to be, Mallet isn't overly concerned with his title as recruit to be right now. After all, he's got three years of high school yet to go.

It's in incredible idea that not but one year into his high school season, people are already looking at him as a freshman at the collegiate level. That's how good this young man is.

And, he's only going to get better.


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Harrison Beck talks with NU recruit
Zach Potter. Potter is considered
to be Nebraska's top in-state recruit
and Beck has been very vocal in
trying to recruit others to Nebraska.
Tonight is the 7-step drop competition, one that will more than likely seal the deal for the overall champ of the camp. Harrison Beck doesn't look to finish in the mix, but he's had a strong showing overall.

At times, Beck has had his frustrations, but at times, you can see just why Nebraska covets him so. Brilliant in his unorthodox style, how Beck throws to nets is probably quite different than how he throws at receivers running down the field when there is a game on the line.

That's how Beck likes it though. If it's real, there's something on the line and it's do or die, that's when he rises to the challenge. His challenge here?

Not running into any cameras.

Stay tuned for more coverage from Nebraska's Elite QB camp and we'll summarize the camp up, it's brightest stars and look to the future or better yet, their futures, quite possibly with the Big Red.

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