Coming down to two for David Nelson?

He's seen a few campuses now including Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma State, Kansas State -- twice, Nebraska and then Notre Dame. He was tempted to pull the trigger and commit to Bill Callahan, but instead he boarded a plane for South Bend to see The Irish.

There may not be a hotter player south of the Red River than David Nelson. He has double-digit offers and has a frame that when you see him reminds you of a Roy Williams or Randy Moss. He has that athleticism to boot.

He's 6-foot-6 and 200 pounds and runs like a gazelle. When you watch him run it doesn't look like he's moving as fast as some others on the field. Then, the angle that the defender had is gone and Nelson is by them.

He took in spring games at Kansas State, Texas and at Texas A&M. After that a three-college tour which included stops in Oklahoma State, Nebraska and again in Kansas State. Before leaving Nebraska though, Nelson would admit he contemplated committing.

"I was really close to committing at Nebraska," Nelson said. "Now that I went to Notre Dame I need to take my time and make a more rational decision."

Nelson left for Notre Dame after Nebraska about go this commitment. While the time spent at Nebraska was enough to get him thinking about going there, the time at Notre Dame allowed him to be more thorough.

"It was awesome. I loved it. Words just can't describe it. I loved their campus. I spoke to everyone. I even talked to a professor. Everything was so well prepared. It was very professional."

Nelson was able to take in a voluntary workout too and see Notre Dame during conditioning. He was on campus for nearly two full days on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"The other trips I never had a lot of time to spend. I was always rushed around trying to see everything. Here is was more laid back. I think that I got to talk to every coach and every receiver. I got to see everything that I wanted to see."

Overall, Nelson would say that the trip to see Notre Dame was the best trip he has taken so far. Although it was the best trip he did not commit.

"I need to take my time and make a more rational decision. I might take one more trip to Texas A&M and Oklahoma State. A couple of schools that I am closer to."

Nelson won't specifically name who is the leader. If you asked him to look at his leader board though there are four teams and they are in two tiers. The second tier isn't too far back of the first tier either.

"I'd probably say that Nebraska and Notre Dame are my two favorites. Oklahoma State and Kansas State are really, really close."

Nelson has two officials planned. He will visit Nebraska for the Southern Miss game on September 11 and then to Notre Dame on October 2.

Watch David Nelson's film here: Video 1

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