#2 DE knows where 2 officials will go

Oh joy, the rankings are out. You know what that means? It means that those stars you love so much can find themselves attached to players around the country and you can either drool or lament, complain or ponder just what that means for the players you follow most. For Justin Mincey, it's not like people weren't already drooling, but now that he is ranked as the second best defensive end in the country, let the drool come in rivers. Now, where's he going to college?

Offers after offers. Big team after big team. Justin Mincey has it all and then some. Not just one of the best players to come out of the southeast, Mincey is one of the best players in all of the U.S. A tall and stout defensive end prospect, some have projected Mincey to even play DT when he hits the college level. That would beg an additional 40 or so pounds on Mincey's 255 lbs. body, but nobody is doubting that at either position, this young man would star.

As for what Mincey wants, he just wants to play. "Stick me wherever." he said. "I'll play DE, DT- I don't care. I just want to play."

Chances are, Mincey won't have to worry about playing time somewhere in his collegiate future. Looking to better his totals of 86 tackles and 9 sacks from a year ago, if Justin does indeed do that, teams will be climbing over themselves to tell the Charlton County standout that he's got a great chance to play early.

Of course Mincey wants to play early, so he can dissect offenses and take apart quarterbacks at his leisure. There's one other factor, perhaps THE factor though for him that involves some dissecting of it's own. "I want to go into either Marine Biology or Biology in college." Justin said. "I'm really into sharks, so it would be nice to be able to study them."

Would you consider it ironic that this beast on the field is so fond of the beasts of the ocean?

Whatever the scenario you want to wrap up into a recruiting situation, if Marine Biology is the goal, that would seem to put all the coastal teams out front. Some irony here than that Nebraska still resides on his list and being in Nebraska myself, I can honestly say that I haven't been attacked by a shark in days.

"Well, I like biology and even if it's not marine biology, I think they have a good biology program there." Justin countered. "I just want to go into the biological field."

Given that particular area of interest, you would assume that grades aren't an issue with Mincey. You would assume correctly, Mincey sporting well over a 3.0 GPA. He's not received his results for his SAT, but he assumed that he didn't do too shabby their either.

No, what everything will come down to from what Mincey stated was where he felt most at home, he could contribute early and of course, dissect some stuff along the way.

His early list? Mincey says he has none, but he does know that of his five allowed official visits, he knows where two are going for sure. "Miami and Georgia are guarantees to get an official visit." he said. "I have no idea about the other three and I am wide open on those right now."

Mincey does have a camp scheduled for Florida in mid-July, a school he's already unofficially visited.

After that, who's to say, but Mincey says he's taking all five of his official visits and doesn't plan on making any decisions until his season is over.

So, everyone has time. Time to look at those rankings and watch them rise and fall. They have time to watch Mincey's performances and imagine what it would be like if this shark-hunter was doing a little on-field hunting for their team.

Or, they can just sit and drool. That's what 5 stars will do to people. That's what Mincey is.

Anyone need a bucket?

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