Nebraska on "a surge" for Florida star

Speed kills. If you have it, someone is going to find a place for you on their team. Well, the blistering speed is usually reserved for RBs, WRs, DBs and the occasional dual-threat QB. What about DE? Sure, you have heard of speed from that position, but out of the players you have seen that are 250 lbs and over, did any of them run a sub-11 second hundred? Yeah, that's speed and on someone that big, it might figuratively kill, but it will literally terrify the competition. That's Richard Gordon.

I look at the stats and see that Richard Gordon is a member of the 4 X 100 relay team for Norland high school in Miami, Florida. Ok, no big deal.

Then, I see his size.

6'4" and around 240 lbs.

I don't know about you, but when I first saw that, I didn't think to myself that this kid would make a great sprinter. Point of face, he's not bad, running a best 10.9 over his track and field career. And, Richard said that when he ran that, he was right at 250.

Think about that speed, think about the frame this young man is carrying and all of a sudden, you have a defensive end that is, dare I say "freakish"?.

So freakish that even after last year that saw him play almost all tight end, Gordon still managed a total of 6 sacks.

And again, he's so athletically jaw-dropping that he's looking to go from 6 his junior year to a record his last year of prep-ball. "I'm going for Forston's record." Richard said of fellow 2005 recruit, Dustin Forston of Northwestern high school who's local effort of 21 sacks stands as the best in the area. "Now that I am playing a lot of defensive end, I should be able to get that."

One thing Richard has already gotten is offers and from some of the elite. All of the major Florida schools save Miami have offered, but Gordon expects one from them fairly soon. "I talked to the coach there and it sounds like they are going to offer me." Gordon stated. Add to that list the likes of Alabama, Nebraska and Ohio State, you've got a power-packed list of teams coveting your services.

There does come the obligatory question for all preps residing within the Sunshine State. And that is of course, does anyone stand a chance against the "Big Three"? Gordon stated that he didn't necessarily look at his particular recruiting situation as a choice between just three schools, but every school that's on his current list. "I don't think I'm going to look at things like that." Gordon stated. "I'm not one of those that has to stay in state or doesn't think about anyone but Miami, Florida or Florida State. I've got options, so I'm looking at them."

Since Gordon does plan on taking all five of his allowed official visits, he's looking west and northwest as to places that he might check out during his last season. And yes, the Big Three as well. "I'm thinking about visiting Nebraska." Richard said. "They are on a surge with me right now. I like Coach "E" (DB coach, Phil Elmassian) and what they do on defense. I'd like to check out Ohio State to along with Miami, Florid and Florida State."

And as to when that decision will come? "After the season or after the visits are done." He said. "I'm not in a big hurry to decide."

Not in a hurry? Mark that down, because when it comes to Richard Gordon, that's probably one of the few times you'll hear that mentioned in a sentence that has his name involved.

"Speed kills." Gordon stated. "Just when that tackle gets up and thinks he's got position, I'm already around him. That's what I plan on doing this year."

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