Note from Nebraska: Receivers wanted

The search for receivers for Nebraska goes on. Whether it be by the junior college route or scouting them as young as sophomores to be, acclimating to the west coast offense is only possible with the right personnel. One of those persons could be Marquis Wilson, a standout wide receiver out of Draper, Utah. And he's looking at Nebraska pretty seriously as well.

Out of Draper, Utah, from the fairly new school of Juan Diego high comes Marquis Wilson. A 6'0" 170 pound standout athlete that can basically do it all.

Almost 900 yards receiving last year, an estimated 8 interceptions on defense, Wilson added a couple of touchdowns both rushing and returning the ball. The question about Wilson hasn't been what he can do, but where you want him to do it. Personally, Marquis doesn't care. "It doesn't matter what position I play." Wilson stated. "I just like being a part of the game and being able to make plays."

As the interceptions illustrated along with his approximately 24 yards per reception, plays are something Wilson makes in abundance. He's looking to do that as well at whatever school he chooses as his future college of choice. "I want to be a part of the game." Wilson said. "I want to be out there with an opportunity to make something happen. I can do that on either side."

Playing time at that college is a consideration as all competitive players want to be out there as early as possible. What means more to Wilson though, could indicate which position he might favor if only a little. "I want to see what offense favors what I do." Marquis said. "We are in a veer here and it's a run-option attack and as a receiver, you don't get a lot of chances at the ball."

"I'm just looking at places that can give me those kind of opportunities."

Amongst the list of teams he's considering are Nebraska, Arizona, Utah and Utah State, all having offered Wilson in writing.

And, because NU and UA aren't in close proximity, Marquis is hoping to make trips to either or both over the Summer so he can get to know the programs a little more.

Marquis states of his ability and why he's as successful as he is, as a product of not doing any one thing ,but doing everything to the top of his capability. "I run great routes." he said. "I make hard cuts and you can forget about jamming me at the line. Nobody can jam me at the line. I know how to get off those pretty easily and can get into my route very quickly."

"Once I make the catch, I can make the moves or just see if I can outrun the defense to the end zone."

Wilson did that around 20 times total last year and is looking to top that going into his final year of high school ball. He's also thinking about the future. His college future that is. There's seemingly a lot of time before Marquis makes his decision, but he's deciding to let his gut tell him when the time is right rather than the calendar. "When it feels right, it feels right." he said. "I am not looking at what I have to do at whatever time. I am just going to look at every program and if one feels like it's where I need to be, that's where I will be."

Wilson said that he doesn't have any favorites right now for that very reason and continued "If that team whoever it is, is my favorite, that's probably where I'll be. That is the kind of feeling I am hoping to get somewhere."

Wilson has a 3.1 GPA

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