#1 Defensive player to take an official to NU?

When you have near 60 written offers, where in the heck do you start? How can you even begin to limit that number to something a little more reasonable? Well, the top defensive tackle in the country has done that, Callahan Bright stating that he's got five that are his early teams for his five allowed official visits.

Callahan Bright has so many offers, he's not getting offers anymore. That's exaggerating it a bit, but as Bright said, he's not gotten an offer in while. "I just stopped getting them." he said. "I haven't gotten one in awhile."

Ok, so that means only 60 offers are there for him to mull over. Yes, I know you are feeling sorry for him as you read this.

It's too many. It has to be. Even Bright conceded that there isn't anyway that he can think about looking at 60 schools, because he knows that he's not interested in 60 schools.

How about five?

Bright has been down this road before, every recruiting reporter, analyst and coach trying to see just what his final list looks like, but Bright hasn't been overly generous in providing even close to a summary of those who are hitting the mark.

He did this time around in not saying exactly who his favorites were, but if of those five official visits allowed, Bright had a good idea of where they would go. "Officially, I'll probably visit Miami, USC, LSU, Texas A&M and Nebraska." Bright said. "I think I'm heading down to a camp at Texas this Summer, but those five are where I think I'll probably take my official visits."

I had to feel grateful for the five, so I wasn't pushing it to see out of those five who might have the lead. Bright did say that of location, he was actually looking to get away rather than try stay close to home. "You know, just kind of looking for a change, something different." he said.

There's no doubt that what Bright brings to a team is something different indeed. A hulk at 6'2 ½" and weighing near 310 pounds, Callahan is a pure and simple "freak". Described as a machine, a juggernaut and unstoppable, this irresistible force has proved to be the immovable object as well.

He's a defensive line coach's dream.

Now and FOR now, it's down to five schools that have coaches all trying to make their dreams come true.


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