Top 10 lineman looking at his officials

Ranked as one of the top ten linemen in the country, Chris Scott is getting his share of attention. You pick the big-name school and more than likely, they have offered this Lovejoy, Georgia stud. At 6'4" and almost 320 pounds, this kid is a horse. A horse that any team would want to have in their stable. Ok, so now, who has the best shot? Read for yourself.

When watching the video of offensive lineman, Chris Scott, one thing you'll notice is that he's "sound".

It's a terrible description actually, it's like saying someone is "nice", because it just doesn't sound sexy and inviting.

For a lineman though, especially one that is over 310 pounds and ranges in the area of 6'4", if you can put that body on a big frame with "sound" techniques, add a little meanness and you got yourself a stud.

That's Scott and while he's usually possessed of quite an even demeanor, when he steps on the field, it is as they say "on". "Nobody is your friend out there." Scott stated. "I really like working on my technique, but you know that once you are on the field, you better knock them down or it's going to be you that gets knocked down. Sometimes you just have to be mean."

It's that combination of proficiency and ferocity that has put Scott amongst the top 10 linemen in the country. It's his adherence to non-complacency though, that will no doubt keep him ranked as one of the best. "Your technique is never going to be perfect." Chris said. "Every game you learn something you should have done or could have done or maybe you didn't execute it the right way. Being an offensive lineman is more than just knocking the crap out of people. You have to know how to use your hands and feet."

Scott's technical side is a matter of pride for him, but not just when he's playing the game. An aspiring Engineer either in the chemical or electrical field, Chris's affinity for details seems obvious. It's also obvious when it translates to what he's looking at in the school at the next level, academics first, second and third.

"I want to know about that school's academic support system." Scott stated. "I will be straight out in saying that I am going to need help to make sure that college pays off for me. That's what you go to college for, because you don't know what's going to happen on that field on any day, so I have to have an education that will take me places after I get done."

With that criteria in mind, Chris has still a variety of schools in which to choose and again, most of them have offered. Of those that have offered that Chris finds the most intriguing right now are Georgia, Auburn, Miss. State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina and Maryland.

Out of those, since there are only five official visits allowed, Chris hasn't really narrowed anything, but he does know of one official he would like to take either during or after his senior season. "For right now, I am sure I will be officially visiting Nebraska." Chris said. "Coach Blake (defensive line coach, John Blake) is just a real nice man and he can be personal with you, but he gives it to you straight as well. I just like him a lot."

"It's not just Blake, because I have spoke to coach Callahan (head coach, Bill Callahan) and coach Wagner (offensive line coach, Dennis Wagner) as well. They are all awesome."

Chris stated that hasn't narrowed it down as to the rest of those official visits as of yet.

Chris Scott is a long-haul kind of guy and while he's not planning on waiting until signing day, the process could end up going the distance. That's not the plan, but as Scott stated, it's better to be right than quick. "When I am comfortable with a place that I have gotten a chance to get to know from looking at them and actually being there to see what it's like, that's when I will have the best idea of the place I should be."

"It'd be great to get that feeling right away, but I'm sure I will have to go through everything before I really know."

Scott carries over a 3.0 GPA from what he stated.

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