Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

A defensive end that is also being recruited as a tight end isn't that big of a deal. However, it does mean they are pretty solid athletes to be able to play either with equal adeptness. Now, a defensive end that is being recruited as a DE, TE and LB. Ok, now you are getting into a serious athlete, especially when you consider that they are being recruited heavily by some 20 or so schools. Try DE, TE, LB and WR. Ok, that's enough. This kid's a freak.

It's bad enough when you have around 20 written offers. I say that jokingly of course, but the thought of having to take a list of 20 schools and narrow them down, that has to be quite a bit of pressure for someone that does not know yet what they wish to do.

Kyle Newell has bigger problems than that however. He's got 4 positions that he's being offered to play.

Wide Receiver, Tight End, Defensive End and Linebacker. You don't find that combination of potential in many prospects you are likely to see. Newell said that he does indeed have offers for all those positions though, but he's not worried about what he's going to play, rather where it will be instead.

"To me, it doesn't matter what position I play." Kyle said. "Yeah, I like hitting people, but I like being on offense to. I don't consider myself so good at one thing that, that is where I should play, so I just look at all the positions the same."

So, if all the positions are the same, all the schools are the same. Well, at least for right now. Kyle stated that out of all the offers he's gotten, he's trying to narrow his list down to 20, then down a little more and hopefully will have something a bit more manageable. "I'm hoping that there is a pretty short list by the time Summer is over." he said. "It's hard enough to try and narrow it down right now with nothing but brochures to look at."

While it would seem there's only a short time between now and when Football practice starts, Newell is going to try to visit at least some of the schools that he considers borderline on his list. "It's kind of important to me to visit some of these, that way I an see for myself and figure out if they are going to make my smaller list or not."

Kyle wasn't budging on who those were though and said that he isn't ready to volunteer a list until there's a list to volunteer. "Nobody wants to hear who my top twenty is." he said. "So, I'll just look at them all the same until I can see for myself what I like or don't like and then narrow it down. I honestly don't have any favorites right now."

Aside from Kyle's prolific career as a football player, he's also a pretty solid basketball player as well, averaging 21 points per game and 12 boards.

Newell carries a 2.9 GPA

Added Stuff: Kyle said of Nebraska that while he doesn't have a narrowed list, he said "I'm pretty sure that Nebraska will make my final list. I like the brochures."

Kevin Cosgrove is recruiting him.

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