Down to a final three for David Nelson

It's become a hot topic. 'Who is David Nelson leaning towards?' Well, when you get the answer you'll be left looking for the sequal.

One report this week had Kansas State in front. Another stated an opinion that Nelson should be Notre Dame bound by the end of July. Ask any Husker and they will only ask you in return, "What have you heard?"

The 6-foot-5 and 200 pound Nelson has a top three. Those teams are Kansas State, Notre Dame and Nebraska. He has had a chance to visit all three and Kansas State twice.

Nelson was able to attend the spring game at Kansas State and drove through the area after seeing Nebraska. What were some things that stuck out about Kansas State to Nelson?

"Coach Snyder. His background and the way that he handles his business. I like the wide receiver coach (Peterson). The town of Manhattan is beautiful. They are proven winners and are contenders every year."

Following the spring game at Kansas State, Nelson took a road trip to Oklahoma State, Nebraska and back to Kansas State.

"I really like Coach Turner Gill. He was a receiver coach at SMU and he's now been at Nebraska for 14 years. I know that he will be there while I am there. I like Coach Callahan and what he's doing there with changing the offense. He knows how to coach a wide receiver to the next level. I also like their new quarterback commit Harrison Beck. They are doing what they said they are going to with changing the offense."

Harrison Beck has been in contact with Nelson via the phone and email since committing to Nebraska. "The first time he called was on his way up to quarterback camp at Nebraska. He talked to me about why he chose Nebraska. The second time he called he just talked. It was more personal like what do you like to do in your free time and stuff. We also email each other."

Although the latest Nebraska commit has yet to contact Nelson it could be coming. Nelson is formerly of Edmond, Okla. and Craig Roark hails from Ada. "I've heard of him (Craig). I've seen a lot of people talk about him. My father reads the Internet. He is the one that told me about Manual Johnson committing."

A couple weeks or so after returning from Nebraska with his father he left for Notre Dame with his mother. Here is what Nelson had to say about the trip to Notre Dame.

"The tradition in everything that they do. I like the campus. It's beautiful, peaceful. I liked talking to Brady Quinn. I got a chance to watch him throw. I watched all of the wide receivers. I really liked the conversation with Coach Willingham. Everything was so well planned with the visit. It was organized."

Nelson felt comfortable in rating the visits that he took:

Kansas State - About a '9'.

Nebraska - About an '8.5'. It was the day before Memorial Day and a lot of the coaches weren't there. I didn't get a chance to meet the strength coach. It was good, but crammed in.

Notre Dame - A '9'.

The rest of the decision for process includes a trip for his father to Notre Dame. "When he comes back I'll have three or four days to step back and think about it. I guess we'll talk about it."

"I stay in constant contact with the coaches from each school. Not just the top three. If something goes wrong then I want to be able to look at Oklahoma State or Texas A&M. There is no one leading out of my top three. It's wide open."

Look for a decision from Nelson around the end of July. Video 1

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