Nebraska's new recruiter already a success

You ever see one of those pictures in a local paper of a prominent recruit? Almost obligatory are the photos that have that recruit surrounded by the seemingly endless piles of letters, brochures and media guides from the schools wanting their services. What do you think the pile looks like at the household of Reginald Youngblood? Big enough that it would seem improbable that Reginald could have a narrowed list right now. Well, he does, but it might be different than what you had been thinking.

If 26 offers doesn't sound like a lot, first, you need to get your brain examined. But, if you are still in awe at the 80-some reported offers of QB, Ryan Perrilloux, think of where some of these 26 offers come from.

Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, LSU.................should I go on?

I could you know, but let's suffice it to say, Reginald Youngblood is sought after by the who's who of college football.


Well, one factor is that he's big. Almost 6'6" big, weighing in at around 300 lbs.

And, he's fast, able to haul that impressive frame around at a reported 5.2 clip.

The raw meausureables will not tell you what Younblood thinks one of his greatest strengths is, however. "I like my technique." Youngblood stated. "I think I use my hands well and my feet well. You are going to run against some guys that you can't just throw around, so you have to know what you are doing. You have to be something other than strong."

Reginald is that, but I'm not talking about technique. Rather, I am talking about that one intangible every successful lineman has no matter which side of the trench he is on.

He's mean.

"You have to be nasty out there." Reginald said. "You can't be like some receiver, worrying about being pretty over there straightening their gloves. When you are down on the line, it's either you or me and I guarantee you it's going to be me."

From some linemen, this would be idle boasting, but with Youngblood being ranked as the number two linemen in all the country, you can bet these words have more than a little weight when said.

Youngblood added though that it's not just about physically dominating, but showing that person across from you that, that is all it's going to be for them, all game, all day if need be. "When you finish off someone on a block, that's when it counts. Throwing them down and making sure they feel it. After that, he's going to hear something from me while he's on his back."

You'd have to think that Youngblood himself isn't hearing anything like that from anyone else. You'd be right. Obviously Youngblood is hearing a lot however, and that's from the schools hoping, trying, almost pleading for his services in the future.

So many offers, it would be hard to think that at this point Youngblood would have a decent idea of the handful of teams he might like. Point of fact he does, stating that he knows there's two teams he'll be officially visiting after his senior season is done. "I know I am going to visit Oklahoma and Miami." Reginald said. "I'm not sure about the rest, but I have some other teams I am looking at right now."

Amongst those teams are a couple that have been on his list for some time in Tennessee and LSU. There's also another team that hasn't been mentioned in recent updates that have found itself popping back onto the map. "I'm starting to get interested in Nebraska again." Younblood stated. "I think I will give coach Wagner a call sometime soon and see what it's all about."

The prompting for this sudden RE-interest in the Huskers isn't due to the estimated three and four hand-written letters he gets from the coaches every day. It has to do with someone that isn't even officially a Husker yet. "Their new commit, Craig Roark called me and was talking to me about Nebraska." Reginald said. "I like hearing things from a player, because they will tell you what you know matters and he just had all kinds of great things to say about them."

Youngblood did concede that were it not for Roark calling him, Nebraska probably wouldn't have risen back on the map. "Yeah, I wasn't even really considering Nebraska a lot until he called." he said. "Now, I think I am going to have to check it out and see how it fits what I want."

While Reginald's list seems to be finding a nice and tidy number for the Houston, Texas star, Youngblood said he doesn't plan on taking a single visit until his Senior season has concluded. After that, he's taking all five of his official visits and after that, then he'll decide. "It's not something I am going to hurry and not something I am even going to think about doing after each visit." Reginald said of committing. "I'm going to look at everyone, let everything soak in and make a decision after that."

Youngblood is fully qualified, sporting a 3.8 GPA, having already completed his SAT in 10th grade.

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