Hedstrom eyeing July/August unofficial visits

From one sport and into training for another has not left Eric Hedstrom a lot of time to take some visits. In his time off in the coming weeks though he is going ot have a chance to visit some of the further away schools who have offered him.

Eric Hedstrom is going about recruiting the right way. He wants to see the schools before putting together a list. He is interested in seeing if his major is offered before finding out about the depth at his position.

Hedstrom can really call his shots. He has accumulated 13 offers and from some of the nation's best teams. "Purdue offered me first and Tennessee just offered me a couple of days ago," Hedstrom said.

"My offers are from Purdue, Illinois, Indiana, Northern Illinois, Nebraska, Arkansas, UCLA, Tennessee, Toledo, Bowling Green, Western Michigan, Northwestern and Boston College."

The 6-foot-6 and 270 pound Hedstrom has some plans to unofficially visit some schools starting in July. He has gone straight from finishing up the track season and right into training for football.

"I haven't taken any yet, but I am planning when I get some time off. Probably this weekend and the first week in August."

"I want to get out to see Nebraska, Boston College and some other schools that are further away. I can go to Illinois anytime on a weekend. I really want to get out to Nebraska."

"Nebraska is just a great offensive line school. Their head coach (Bill Callahan) is a line coach. I just don't know enough about them yet."

Hedstrom has some unique insight into Nebraska and their new head coach. "Coach Callahan was my high school coach's coach at Illinois. He always tell me all these good things about Coach Callahan. He definitely knows the coach."

There is no secret that Nebraska is hoping to really upgrade their offensive line, especially the tackle positions. Hedstrom is being recruited by nearly every team as a tackle.

"I have good feet. I have really good balance and feet. I can get to the next level on a linebacker or a safety. I can stay with them until the running back gets there. I like pass blocking and I'll keep a guy on the line. Lately I've been getting really aggressive."

Beside the football program Hedstrom has some other things that he is looking at when it comes to picking out a college. "I am looking at the degrees that they have. You can't count on the NFL."

"Then I am looking at the name of the school. I want to go to a school that is best for my future. Then it will be for football. I am looking at the tradition, coaches and the players. I'll look at the distance. If it comes down to it I'd rather stay closer to home."

Hedstrom isn't going to name his leaders until having a chance to take a first-hand look at the schools. He also has not set up any official visits yet.

Qualifying should be a non-issue with Hedstrom who carries a 4.5 GPA on a 5.0 scale. He also scored a 25 on his ACT.

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