Official visits taking shape for TX wide receiver

During this time of the Summer, workouts are going strong and for those chosen few that are receiving a lot of recruiting attention, some are thinking about decisions on the future. Which colleges to look at, where visits might take place and basically just trying to make sense out of the hecticness that is high school recruiting. That's what wide receiver Brandon La Fell is doing along with getting ready for his last year of high school ball.

At 6'1" and around 180 pounds, when you look at Brandon La Fell as a wideout, you hope to see a few things. First, speed is a must and to that end, La Fell answers strongly, posting a recent 4.4/40. Yards after the catch is another aspect a wide receiver needs to have if aren't this jump up and get it type of player. Brandon answers that as well, averaging over 12 yards per reception as a Junior.

No, Brandon has the numbers to say he's exactly what you want if you are looking for a possession type receiver that can create after they take in the ball.

The offers don't hurt to back that up either.

Texas A&M, Utah, Arizona, Missouri, Houston, Kansas and Nebraska. All have offered La Fell in writing and according to Brandon, the attention is coming from other big-hitters as well. "I'm getting a lot of letters and stuff from LSU and Florida" he said. "If Florida offers, I'll probably take an official visit there this year."

While Brandon has decided that at least for now, he would like to think of recruiting as possible, he's managed to isolate a few teams that he thinks will be prime candidates for official visits either during or after his final season. Including the Gators (if they offers), there's LSU, Nebraska, Arizona and Missouri. Brandon said that he would throw Texas A & M on that list, but considering their proximity, he's opting to use that last official out of state if need be.

For what Brandon likes in any of those school or would like to see, it comes down to three major factors: Opportunity to play early, academics and the style of offense they play. For any school that might lead, Brandon wasn't as forthcoming. "I don't know right now." he said. "I have talked to a lot of coaches, but I really need to get up there and look for myself before I can decide if it meets everything I want in a school."

La Fell doesn't plan on making any visits anytime soon, possibly opting to wait until after his season. La Fell did say though that he's determined to take all five official visits, no matter how each goes. "I'm sure they will all go great." he said. "That's what they are for, so you have to take your time and wait until you can think about things right."

What La Fell plans on being "right" this year is a chance to top his stats from the previous season. Helped dramatically by another standout wide receiver in teammate, Quincy Driver, Brandon and company will be relying on a host of junior-to-be slingers to get the job done in their multiple "spread" offense. La Fell doesn't mind, but he's not setting any goals and it has nothing to do with the youth movement at QB. "You set goals, you limit yourself and what you might be able to accomplish. I reach for the sky, shoot for whatever I can do so I never sell myself short."

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