Open to the attention: DT, Jerrell Powe

It's a funny thing about lists. Especially lists of "favorites" in regards to what schools to which teams are those that any one recruit covets at a particular time. For Jerrell Powe, his list could be fifty long if he wanted and it's doubtful that any of those fifty teams would hesitate in returning the favor. He's said that he's got his list, his five favorite teams. What he didn't say was "right now". Powe admits, things can change.

"My favorites are Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, and West Virginia." Jerrell Powe said that in an update done earlier on TheInsiders.

And, point of face, he's still saying it. What he isn't saying though is that this is the definitive list or even the list that comprises those team's most likely for an official visit. "Nope, too much stuff can change before all that." Jerrell said.

The "stuff" is the attention he's receiving and right now, the aforementioned five top the list. Either from letters received now, calls in May, Powe has decided on who he likes by who apparently likes him the most. "That's about what it is right now." he said. "There's a lot of schools recruiting me, but not everyone recruits as much as others."

Others could be a massive number, the five-star defensive tackle with offers from more teams than most could name off the top of their head. And, according to Powe, everyone is still in the running, but he remarked that "Hey, you want to know a school wants you, so those teams that show that the most are the ones I look at".

Powe does plan on narrowing his list at some point of course, but isn't quite sure as to when that is. For all he knows, his current five could be his final five when it's all said and done. "I know I have a decision to make, but it's like other schools do to."

"Every player wants to go where they know they are wanted. I'm no different there."

When it comes to being wanted, somehow I don't think Powe will have a problem.

Powe has attended an Auburn camp this Summer.

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