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Here's your preview of the first issue of Big Red Report, the magazine. Check out a brief breakdown of some of the features that will be on display for our debut as it starts with the 2004 football preview guide. It's your chance to get up close and personal with your Huskers now, some that will be and figuring out how all of it will fit together when the season finally begins. It's our BRR breakdown of our own debut into a new era at Nebraska. This is your LAST CHANCE to sign up!

With the debut of a new team, we debut a new magazine and what better way to ring that in than with our 2004 football preview. Insight, analysis and up-close and personal features with some of the names you are just starting to get to know. And remember, July 8th is the deadline to be able to get on the mailing list for the very first issue of BigRed Report magazine, so ACT NOW!

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Here's some of the features that we will have in our first issue of our magazine:

"The Callahan Era Begins" - Your close-up look at the new transition for Nebraska and for new head coach, Bill Callahan. From the Oakland Raiders and a Super Bowl appearance, the new head of the Huskers looks to bring a new style of offense into "option" country. What has the Spring been like in trying to make this transition and what should you expect when the season starts?

We have an offensive and defensive breakdown, projecting starters, some of the two-deep, possible contributions from names not commonly known and even some of those freshmen coming in. Who's going to be the big impact players and what units will surprise this season?

"Fierce Competitor" - "it could easily be argued that Carriker could be new defensive line coach John Blake's most valuable player this fall." - Brian Christopherson on Rush End, Adam Carriker.

You might not have known much about Adam Carriker before this year, but that will probably change once Nebraska kicks off it's season against Western Illinois. No longer in the shadows, Adam is creating one of his own and it's built on a ferocity to compete.

"Career Opportunities" - "I just want improve on what I've done the past few years," he said. "I think every player's goal is to improve. I just want to make the most of it and be productive." - Tight End, Matt Herian on his expectations this year in the new "West Coast" offense.

While stoic in his anticipation, few others could see Matt Herian's role this year in this new offense as anything but key to any success Nebraska will have this season. On pace to be a record-breaker in yards per reception for a career, Herian isn't looking at a new era, he's looking at continuing one he's created all on his own. Herian's ready for the future and it's one that is certainly ready for him.

"West Coast Flavor" - Dying to understand just the basics of the "West Coast" offense, but have it explained in something that doesn't read like stereo instructions or bores you to death with endless playbook terminology? Check out Tim Larson's version of West Coast 101 as he starts you on a path to understanding this new-fangled way of moving the ball down the field. It's your introduction into understanding the new Nebraska.

"Happy to be a Husker" - A recruiting journey can be an arduous one indeed. For any recruit, it's bound to have it's peaks and valleys. For one of the most recruited linemen in the country though, sometimes the valleys seem like canyons. It made the peak of his commit to Nebraska however the Everest of choices. Now, Lydon Murtha is just happy to be a Husker.

"Covey sticks with the Huskers" - To understand a person, you must know something of what makes them tick. Their trials and tribulations often tell you more about a person than any accomplishment they had. Such is the case with Covey as his football prowess only tells you a smattering of what makes this young man go. Close to him is someone that is his strongest motivation of all.

"Huskers win battle for Beck" - Too many times have the recruitniks taken notice of recruiting losses to the likes of Notre Dame, Miami, Florida State and so on. Nebraska conquered those stigmas however in nabbing one of the best QB prospects in the country. They didn't just nab a great player of the game though, they got themselves a person who's almost defined by the game itself. There are few you will find that show as much passion than Beck. It's a passion he has now for NU.

"Predicting the Unpredictable" - Taking you game by game, BigRed Report looks at the season ahead. Tearing down each game and even offering you some predictions, we give you the straight scoop on just what you can expect from Nebraska.

What teams are the "gimmees", what teams aren't and what might be the best games of the year?

Check it out as we predict the unpredictable

We predict, hypothesize and theorize on all things Nebraska. We get you up close and person with some of the possible Husker stars to be. Between our on-line presence and the magazine, it's our connection that you can use to get face-to-face with your Husker team.

It's Big Red Report - Your Husker Connection.

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