The results are in for Mikell Simpson

It's not like 13 offers is a small amount. Heck, for some, any one of those would be a blessing in and of itself. Mikell Simpson's goals range a bit higher though because if he doesn't have more offers, he's pretty certain as to why. Everyone that had been looking at Simpson was waiting to hear just how Mikell would do on his SAT, hoping for an 880 or above. Simpson got his results back today. Now, he knows whether that total of 13 should get any higher or not.

If you can be a question mark in regards to qualifying and still have 13 written offers, that says enough about what you can do on the field

And, if you are a qualifier when at one point you weren't, one has to wonder just how that attention would change.

Mikell Simpson is about to find out.

"I got an 890." Mikell said of his results from his latest SAT test. "I got a 2.8 GPA, so this is a huge weight off of my shoulders. I can't tell you how good it feels not to have to worry about this anymore."

No, the only thing Mikell has to worry about now is how to better his 10 yards per carry last year, how to top the over 25 yards per catch he averaged as a junior and how he will tally more than a quarter of a hundred touchdowns going into his final year of prep-ball.

Oh, and probably where to put the additional offers coming in. That's what Mikell is somewhat expecting, but hoping more than anything, because he knows that the reason many schools shied away was because of his uncertain academic future. "It was like a cloud." Mikell said. "Some teams tell you they like you, say they want to offer, but you know if you don't have the grades, some of those might not come."

With the 890 now, however, Simpson has his eyes on a few teams that he's hoping jump into the mix. "I'd like to see Miami and USC offer." he said. "It's not like either one is going to be a lock or a favorite, but they are big schools that do well and it would be nice to see."

There's another west coast team that actually has offered Simpson right now, that being UCLA. That's another team he has his eyes on as being a solid shot at one of his official visits this year. "Yeah, I am pretty sure I am going on an official there and I am looking at possibly taking one in December to Nebraska."

With this newfound breath of fresh air, Mikell is excited because it comes at the same time Summer practices are in session. It's his time to enjoy the game at the high school level, but he's looking to get a little more serious about the next level as well. "Over the next month, I plan on calling every team that I am interested in just to see how interested they are in me." Simpson stated. "Once I figure out who really wants me, I'll narrow my list down to like ten before the season and hopefully five during the season."

"That way I know where all my official visits will go."

Despite the success of passing the SAT, Mikell did say that he may retake it at a later date. Typical to his football success, Simpson said that this wasn't much different than anything else. You always want to get better. "Yeah, I am happy to get it out of the way, but I might want to retake it and just see how good I can do."

The most recent offers for Simpson are from Uconn, Indiana, Louisville and West Virginia. That adds to Nebraska, UCLA, Virginia, Vanderbilt and Wisconsin, amongst others.

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