No. 6 TE setting official with Nebraska

One of the newest trends in football are tight ends that are as tall as offensive lineman, as fast as safeties and can line up at about every position on the field and be a threat to opposing defenses. If that is what you need then head on down to Montgomery, Ala.

Tommy Trott is 6-foot-4 and nearly 240 pounds. He admits that he is sort of packing it on right now, but he still boasts a 4.7/40. That is the only boasting he will do though.

"Oh, my strengths. I'm not one that is comfortable talking about myself," Trott said. Well, his stats do the talking for him: 63 receptions for 1167 yards and 17 touchdowns. He also had five rushing touchdowns.

"We run a four-wide set. Really only about 20 of my catches came from playing the true tight end position. I would that 70% of the time I am flexed out. Short yardage situations I will come in or play fullback."

Those stats are talking to some of the nation's best schools. In fact, Trott's latest unofficial took him to Miami. "That is the last place I visited (Miami). So far I haven't been able to get to Gainesville. I am still trying to find time."

Before the Miami visit, Trott attended camps at Alabama and Auburn. He also took unofficials to Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech. He has offers from all of them.

"I have 12 total offers. Eight of them are written. I have written offers from Miami, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Louisville, Kentucky, Southern Miss and Vanderbilt. I have verbal offers from LSU, Clemson, Ole Miss and Nebraska."

"I got the word from LSU about a month ago that they were going to offer. They were going to send me a letter with the offer and Coach Saban's number in the letter. Clemson was sort of the same way. Ole Miss told my coach that they were going to offer. I just called one of the Nebraska coaches and they offered."

Along with the talk about the offer to Tommy with the Nebraska coaches was some talk about lining up an official visit to Nebraska. "I spoke to Coach Jordan and Coach Callahan while I was on the phone with them. I think that we are going up for the Missouri game."

With the teams that he has unofficially visited and camped at already being noticeably all in the South, will distance be an issue for Trott? "The home issue. It's not big to me. People keep talking about this being an Auburn versus Alabama race for me. It's not coming down to that. That is why I went to Miami. That is why I am taking an official to Nebraska."

When it comes to choosing a college Tommy has some ideas what he is looking for. "I am looking for a good place and good atmosphere. Most of the schools that I am looking at love their football tradition; Miami, Nebraska, Florida. I'll look at the depth chart a little bit. It won't scare me off though."

Trott really hasn't given much thought about taking his officials and Nebraska just kind of stumbled into a good weekend for him. "I have a Thursday night game that weekend and they have a home game. I will be heading up there on that Friday."

Trott has an interesting item fueling his desire to see Nebraska and a game in person. "I got this picture in one of my letters of the stadium on game day. It looked really red. People in the picture were going nuts. They have a new coach there in Bill Callahan. He's going to take them into the West Coast Offense. Coach Jordan is a really nice guy to talk to. He said that they really want me to come there."

Getting qualified doesn't seem to be an issue for Trott, but he is taking the test again. He carries a 3.5 GPA and recently scored a 24 on his ACT. He indicated that he thought he could do better with some preparation.

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