Matthies to get his offer?

Following the Summer camp, I know that I was convinced that offensive lineman, Orion Matthies would eventually get his written offer from Nebraska. Great hands, good feet and a tenacity that put him at around a 9 on the nasty scale. Matthies even went so far as to go toe-to-toe with touted recruit, Daniel Borg and come out looking pretty darn good. But, when was that offer going to come or would it at all? This last week, Matthies got his answer.

Following Summer camps where Orion Matthies showed just what made him one of the top recruits inside the state of Nebraska, the only question I had personally wasn't if he was going to get an offer but when.

On Tuesday last week Matthies got just that, his offer from Nebraska in writing. "It was great." Orion said of the offer. "It's kind of a reward I guess, but it's more just having it now that matters."

To be honest, while Matthies may be the picture of intensity on the field, he's virtually the opposite off. At least when sharing a discourse about how this offer feels and how it effects how he thinks about his collegiate future.

For a young man that hasn't thought about it much, even with the offer, he's still open to every option available. "I'm happy I have the offer, but I'm still interested in looking at other schools." he said. "I'm sure I'll take my official visits to those places like Kansas State, Iowa State, Iowa or others. I'm pretty open right now."

That openness plus the offer from Nebraska will probably inspire other schools to offer the Overton standout as well. That's how it usually goes with the in-state prospects in that Nebraska offers and other schools follow suit.

Matthies is anticipating that as well, but he's certainly not waiting around for it to happen. He's got plenty else on his mind. "I think about the recruiting, but I have my senior year to play and it's just not something I'm going to worry about too much until after I get done playing football."

So, is Nebraska the obvious favorite though, the Huskers finally having that offer extended? "Oh, they are a favorite." he said. "I don't think there's any question about that, but until I get to see everything from everywhere else, I don't know that they are the favorite. They are the one team that has an offer for me, so yeah, that pretty much makes them the team to beat."

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