Four officials for Briscoe

Any decent wide receiver at any level is going to see more than single coverage. Heck, sometimes a defense will play "zone" vs. "man" if one wideout has had a particularly impressive amount of success. Josh Briscoe already knows what that feels like. But, he also knows that if it's like last year, he's going to see stuff he's never seen before.

Single coverage is one thing - most good wideouts know how to deal with that. Double coverage is a bit different, but again, the best receivers can even find holes in there...........somewhere.

Triple coverage though? Just how in the heck are you supposed to deal with that? Wide Receiver, Josh Briscoe already know.

"We had this game against Shelby where they literally changed their whole defense." Josh said. "They had one guy at the line to jam me, one guy behind him to cover me short and another guy behind him if I got beyond the first two."

And, did it work?

"I didn't have as many yards, but I caught the game-winner." he said. "Also, our team had like 400 yards rushing, so yeah, you could say it backfired a bit on them."

Josh is actually happy about all that attention and the promise of more attention to come. Not out of arrogance mind you, rather the fondness of the idea that if there's so many covering him, someone on his team isn't seeing as much. "Last year, it was like what I could do to try and get my name out there." Briscoe stated. "Now, everyone knows about me and I have a team that is ready to go out there and win games. With so many guys looking at me, there's a lot of guys on our team that are good enough they can take advantage."

The season that Josh has in front of him will be demanding, but that's with the actual season to play being a consideration along with everything else the North Carolina standout has planned. Along with the season, Briscoe is hoping to finish all of his five official visits as well.

It's his goal to do this because he plans on that wherever he commits, he'll enroll in that school in January. "That's been my goal." Josh said. "I want to get through those visits during the season and enroll in January."

That being the case, Briscoe figures he needs to have his official visits ironed out - right now, Josh fairly certain of four he wants to make. "I'm probably going to take official visits to Georgia, State (N.C. State), Tennessee and Nebraska." He said. "Since I am taking them during the season, I'll get to see a lot of games and I want to see the State/Miami game, the Georgia/LSU game, the Tennessee/Florida game and the Nebraska/Colorado game."

"I still have to make sure all that's possible, but those are the ones I am hoping to get to right now."

The fifth visit comes down to a variety of contenders, Virginia, Kansas State, Clemson and Duke amongst others vying for a shot. Josh said that as of right now he didn't know where that fifth one would go, but he's planning on figuring that out fairly soon.

Outside of his actual experience at the games and seeing how relationships develop with coaches and players while he's attending for any of these visits though, Briscoe has one other clear goal in mind. "I want to see where I have a chance to get in there and play right away." he said. "I can read coverages with the best of them, so I think that gives me a shot to do something when I step on campus, but I have to see just who they have after everyone arrives on campus."

Briscoe has a heck of a season in front of him. Taking into account the amount of attention he's likely to receive from defenses, the kind of attention he'll receive from teams other than those that are his apparent favorite four, but to take the official visits during the season along with finishing school soon enough to arrive on a campus in January. Well, it's a load for anyone to bear.

Briscoe is ready and even eager. "Everything worth going after is going to be tough." he said. "That's what makes it special. You don't look at everything that's in front of you trying to keep you from something, but what there is for you on the other end. If stuff like this was easy, it wouldn't be worth doing. It's the hard things that you really fight to achieve."

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