One official set, another firm for Top 10 DT

One of the top defensive tackles in the country has already tried to work on narrowing his list. While James McKinney wasn't ready to say what that entire list looked like, he did give BRR two teams that are certainties amongst this faves. McKinney talked about that, when his entire list will be out and where his first official visit will go.

Since the day James McKinney made the decision to opt out of his Michigan commit to look around a little more, the attention has been as fast as it has been furious.

Not undone though by the crush of attention, McKinney himself has taken things fairly in stride. What James had hoped though from re-opening up his option was that all those options would indeed be there. And they have been, and even more.

"All the attention has been good." James said. "I know that I have a lot of opportunities and it's just now about looking at all of those and figuring out where's the best place for me."

McKinney has actually narrowed his list down, but as of right now, he's not saying a thing, citing that any final list is at this point tentative at best. "I have some teams in mind right now." he said. "But, I'm not totally one hundred percent sure. I figure by September, I'll have my five so I know where my visits will go."

James already said that he does know of two teams that are for certain going to get one of those coveted official visits, that being the team he de-committed from (Michigan) and the University of Nebraska. While James hasn't scheduled one officially as of yet to see the Wolverines, he has scheduled his visit with the Huskers, that to take place during the third weekend of September.

For McKinney, Nebraska seemed like a pretty good place to start. "Coach Jordan (RB coach, Randy Jordan) and coach Blake (DL coach, John Blake) have been real good in recruiting me." James said. "They write letters, I talk to them a lot and my grandmother and mom get along with them real well."

"Plus, everyone knows of the "Blackshirts" and coach Blake is one of the best defensive line coaches around, so there's a lot of reasons to want to go check the place out."

McKinney did say that the scheduled September date is not totally for certain. While James did say that he's definitely visiting Nebraska, he's hoping that there might be a better time to go. "If I am going to visit a place, I really want to do it before October hits and our season starts to heat up." he said. "Plus, I want to see a game there, so I'm hoping I can work that out so I can see them in action and what that stadium is like when it's full."

James McKinney is ranked by The Insiders as one of the top 10 defensive tackles in the country.

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