THE SLANT - Your rapid NU rundown in recruiting

It's your rapid rundown in recruiting and this time we have a 5 for the click of 1. Including one of the top defensive backs in the country, an unsung gem in the making out of Mizzou and one of the top overall players around. What's in it for Nebraska if anything at all and who's leaning where? Get your unobjective look at where Nebraska sits with some of the best preps around in this edition of THE SLANT.

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THE SLANT: Husker Recruiting Tracker

Steve Davis6-2.5/215/4.60

THE SLANT: Touted as one of the top defensive ends out of the "Show Me" state, Steve Davis is still looking for schools to show "him" the offers. Written that is, even though Davis still has offers already from Missouri and Northwestern, like any good player, he's wondering if there's going to be a few more. If Davis can top last year's totals of 10 sacks, 70 tackles, 3 tipped balls and 3 forced fumnbles, he'll probably not have to worry about that, rather worry about how to narrow his list down. Davis does have some schools in mind that he would like to have on that list in the first place. "Ohio State, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas State and Michigan - all those are teams that I like a lot." Steve said. "I'm getting attention from all of them to, but right now it's just letters." Davis said that because he's looking at more offers, he's going to let the process play out, perhaps all the way to signing day if need be. "I'm just going to take my time." he said. "No need to rush anything right now."


D.J. Hord6-1/190/4.40

THE SLANT: The popularity for Hord keeps climbing, now up to ten offers, the most recent coming from Wisconsin and Texas A&M. Interest from other schools though hasn't stopped Nebraska from hitting the mailbox frequently for this Missouri standout. "Just about everyday there's something in the box from them." D.J. said of Nebraska. "They are still recruiting me pretty hard or I guess as hard as they can right now." D.J. said that he does plan on taking a couple visits this Summer yet, but while it's been stated that he might visit LSU or Oklahoma State, D.J. stated that nothing is set in stone. "To be honest, I'm not sure." he said. "I know I want to take a couple and those are places I wouldn't mind going, but I don't know exactly where they will go." While D.J. said he's is wide-open, he also stated that Nebraska is still very much in the picture. "Oh yeah, Nebraska is still very much in there." he said.


Kevin Thomas6-0/172/4.50

Kevin Thomas THE SLANT: It's been said that some radio reports had this young man committing to Nebraska. Well, you might want to change stations because while Thomas just received an offer from Nebraska, he hasn't commmitted. In fact, Nebraska isn't amongst the teams he's considering the most. "I'd say Cal and USC are my top two teams." Kevin Said. "I like what both are doing, they are both recruiting me hard and they are close to." Nebraska's offer does bring a little interest at least to the recruiting process for Thomas however, the Huskers now possibly making it as one of his official visits. In fact, according to Thomas, he's not planning on taking all five, but more than likely three. Now, just which three? "Right now, I am thinking that it could be Cal, Michigan and as for the third, it might be between Arizona and Nebraska." he said. "Nebraska just started recruiting me, so I'd say Arizona right now, but that might change." Thomas is hopeful on a decision either by mid-November or early December at the latest. Thomas is ranked by The Insiders as the 6th best DB in the country.

Rogers Loche6-0/228/4.59

THE SLANT: You might not know much about Loche now, but that's not because he isn't good. With offers already from Michigan State, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Arizona State and UCLA, that pretty much says it right there. On top of that, The Insiders' national recruiting analyst Jamie Newberg calls Rogers "big-time". Ok, ‘Nuff said. Now, what you don't see there is an offer from Nebraska and Rogers actually hopes that will change. "I've gotten a lot of letters from them, but no offer as of yet." he said. "Nebraska is still one of my favorites along with Ole Miss, Arkansas and Texas A&M." One would reason that if an offer did come from the Huskers, they might move up his list and Rogers agreed. "If they offered, it would probably be between them Arkansas and Texas A&M." he said. "I'm still thinking about South Carolina, but that's a ‘maybe' right now." Rogers does plan on actually officially visiting Nebraska this year following an invitation extended a little over a month ago. Last season, Loche had 110 tackles, 79 of those solo - 9 sacks, 5 fumble recoveries and 4 interceptions, one of those taken back for a touchdown.


Antonio Bass6-2/195/4.40
Antonio Bass  The Slant: When you are ranked as one of the top 3 quarterbacks in the country, there shouldn't be a question as to what position you'll play in college. Well, that is unless you are Bass, Antonio being recruited for QB, but wide receiver as well. And the position that has actually picked up steam for Bass as far as what he's being recruited for is that all too infamous slot of "athlete". That usually happens when you are so good, coaches are telling you that just come to our school and play whatever in the heck you want. "It's almost like that." Bass said laughing a bit. "They tell me they want me there, but because I can play this position or that, they say that they will try me out at whatever I want and whatever I'm the best at, that's where I'll be."

Nebraska had at one point been recruiting Bass as a QB, but joined the growing number in offering him as someone that can try his hand at whatever and that's what has kept NU in the mix. "QB is my position, but I like the freedom a lot of these schools are giving me in that they will let me try whatever I want and just see how I do." Bass stated. "I like coach Callahan a lot, so Nebraska is still a team that I am heavily considering right now." And, that's about as specific as Bass would get, not wanting to cite any real favorites at this time. He did say though that the position wouldn't ultimately determine where he goes, because that's not the main reason he's going to college at all. "Playing football is great, but college is to learn and that's what I plan on doing." he said. "I'll look at the school first and then figure out how everything else fits me. Then I can narrow things down."

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