THE SLANT: OL, Dace Richardson

Check out the "THE SKINNY" in this NU "SLANT" on one of the top linemen in the country, Dace Richardson. What's going on with recruiting and what if any decisions has he made to the number of teams recruiting him. And yes, where does Nebraska fit in?

THE SLANT: Husker Recruiting Tracker

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THE SLANT: 23 offers and some of them from the best teams in the country. In fact, Dace Richardson is in the fortunate position to say he's got offers from every school he would have been interested in as it was. For any players, that great, but now it puts Richardson in the position where he's got to decide between all those teams he either likes or grew up liking as a kid. As it is, Dace does have a few ideas at least as far as where a couple of his pending official visits might go. "Right now, I would say Iowa and Tennessee." he said. "I just haven't gotten a chance to see them and that's really what I want to use the visit for." Another school he's not gotten a chance to see is Nebraska, the Huskers a team that Richardson says he's still considering as one of teams he's looking at right now. "I haven't gotten a chance to get down there." Dace said. " Coach Wagner and Cosgrove are recruiting me and I'd like to get a chance to see what it's like." That's going to be one of the biggest criteria for Richardson as he stated that how he feels at a campus will go a long ways in dictating just where he goes. Early playing time is a factor but less so. "It's nice and it would be like a bonus I guess, but it's not the main reason I will decide on a school." he said. Richardso also said that he might take a couple of official visits during the year, but will probably visit most after his season is done. Other teams that he's considering are USC, Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois and Wisconsin.

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