Texas safety will take offical to Nebraska

Is Ishie Oduegwu the best safety in Texas? That's a tall claim, but after seeing his film you begin to understand why some people are saying that.

He patrols the middle of the field in pass coverage like a good safety is supposed to. He also supports the run better than you could ever dream. Ishie Oduegwu put up some sick stats last year and is improving himself this summer for the coming season.

He had over 150 tackles last year. That is a staggering stat for a safety. What is even moe incredible is that 30 of them went for a loss of yardage while intercepting two passes and breaking up another 15.

"Our strength and speed camp just ended," Oduegwu said. "Now, I'll be in the weight room. I am going to work on my upper body strength. I feel like I have gotten faster this summer."

Although the offers haven't been coming hand over fist for Ishie, the teams that have offered have been following up their offers with serious interest.

"I have been getting a lot of letters for Texas Tech and LSU. They really want me. I think that Florida is close to offering. I didn't think that they would offer me early."

Between camps and working out he has been sorting out his official visit list. While he hasn't arranged any of the visits on the dates he is pretty sure he knows where he will take three of them.

"It kind of changes from time to time. I know that I am going ot LSU, Texas Tech and Nebraska. I've never been out to Lubbock before although I am in Texas."

The letters from Nebraska are still coming regularly to Oduegwu. "It comes hand-written. I have spoke to Coach Gill about four times. We're real tight. I am looking real forward to getting up there to Nebraska."

Ishie admits that the thought of being the best safety in Texas has entered his mind. He has been watching the ranking too and he knows where Clarence Ward and he are at on all of the lists.

"Yeah I know him. He's higher on one list and then I am higher on another."

Ishie admits that a balance of a great team and academics are very important to him when it comes to sleceting a college. LSU has already made a favorable impression to him and his mother when considering both of those things.

"I am looking for a great academics program. That's something that caught my mom's eye at LSU when one of the coaches started talking to my mom about academics. She was real impressed with that. The National Championship doesn't hurt. Then I will look at the team and how tight they are and if everyone is on the same page."

While it isn't necessary, Ishie and Xavier Kelley have talked about going to the same school together. "Yeah, there has been some talk. We went to the Kansas State camp together. We knew at camp that going to college would be different."

There is a very good chance that Ishie and Xavier will make the trip together to Nebraska for an official. Both players are almost holding identical offers.

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