Speedy Florida RB Has Sights Set On Big Year

Ranier Rackley doesn't lack confidence. Last year, with a small bone chip in his ankle hindering him, Ranier ran for approximately 405 yards for a team that finished 6-4. This year, behind what Ranier describes as the "best line in school history," he has his sights set on 2,000 yards - - a goal he insists is possible.

Before you brush his goal off as being unrealistic, you might want to consider that in addition to his ankle injury, he shared carries with George Stripling – a running back who was nationally recruited and ended up signing with Louisville. This year, Rackley expects to be the feature back on a talented team, and expects that his 4.41 speed in the 40 will go a long way toward helping him achieve his lofty goal.

There is more to Rackley, however, than just speed. Lifting five days a week has taken his weight up to a solid 194 pounds, and with a bench press of 295 and a squat max of 475, he can pack some power to go along with his jets. At the Florida camp he recently attended, Rackley did 21 reps at 185 pounds in the bench press, and at the University of South Florida camp he ran a 4.45 - - proving his 4.41 at the Bishop-Dullaghan Camp in St. Leo, FL was no fluke. Coaches are starting to take notice too, as he was told at the Bishop-Dullaghan camp that he "probably has the best combination of size and speed of any running back at the camp."

Ranier has a top three (not necessarily in order) of Nebraska, Florida State, and Miami. The coach that has made the biggest early impression on Rackley is Nebraska running backs coach Randy Jordan, who stopped by his school this spring for a visit. "Out of all of the coaches, I liked him the best. He got straight to the point." When asked what he would do if Nebraska, for example, would come up with a scholarship offer, "I would commit immediately" was the answer. The Huskers have "always been one of my favorite teams, I like how they run their offense." He is not sure if Nebraska has any of his game film, but intends to make sure they see some this fall. While others might want to stay close to home, Rackley stated that he wants "to get away." With a big year, could away be Lincoln, Nebraska?

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