Nebraska hitting Richardson from all angles

It's not like I don't know who's recruiting a lot of these kids. I have a map that tells me what coaches recruit where, according to the latest Nebraska media guide. Some coaches do however recruit more than then just their region, defensive line coach, John Blake recruiting everywhere except the Moon. But, I still ask, just because and as I have found out, I still get surprised now and then. Like, who's all recruiting offensive lineman, Dace Richardson? And no, it's not John Blake as well.

"You ask them questions you might not normally ask."

That's what Dace Richardson said of the latest recruiter from Nebraska. Well, again, it's not from Nebraska so much as it's someone that will soon be instead. A year from now soon, but that hasn't stopped Nebraska commit Craig Roark from making his rounds as NU's newest recruiter.

And as we have already chronicled extremely well, it's a different angle that most other recruits find enjoyable. A chance to ask questions they might not normally ask or get a perspective they know they simply can't get from a coach. It's way to get inside without actually being inside. "If you haven't been there, it's a way to get to know what life is like there." Dace said. "You get to learn about the campus, the town and what there is to do."

What Richardson learned about Nebraska from Roark was that the campus isn't actually lined with Corn between buildings. "If you've never been there, I don't know, you just assume that it's probably not that exciting." he said of Nebraska's campus. "I know I wasn't thinking that it was like what Craig told me. So, I definitely learned something new."

The coaches probably told him it wasn't tumbleweeds and creaking saloon doors though, but again, you are expecting the sales pitch from official representatives of the school, not necessarily players currently or soon-to-be within the system itself. "It's different hearing it from players." Richardson stated. "The coaches have to sell their program so that is what they do, but players are more likely going to tell you everything else. They'll talk about what isn't perfect and all that, so it gives you a much better picture."

It also doesn't hurt that Roark like Richardson plays down in the trenches, so that when Dace is being talked to, it's not just as a Husker, but a "biggun" as well. "That's good because that might be a person that you could be playing with." Dace said. "Plus, linemen care about what linemen care about, so he knows a lot of the questions I would have. What's the weightroom like, what are the other offensive linemen like, just stuff I want to know about as a linemen."

With the multiple of angles he's being recruited by Nebraska from, does that help the Huskers in the end? "It helps." Richardson acknowledged. "You think about them more, you know more about them and it's a player that is committed there right now. It makes you want to visit them more and my mom and I are thinking about going there later this Summer or possibly taking an official there."

Asked if he would ever think of doing what Roark is doing once he committed to a school, while Richardson said it was nice being talked to and even recruited a bit by someone that was a commit, he couldn't necessarily seeing doing it himself. "I'm not a salesman type guy." he said. "I'd answer questions if someone asked, but I guess going out and doing what Craig is doing, that's just not really me."

Aside from Nebraska, Richardson is considering (amongst others) Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Michigan State, Tennessee, Wisconsin and USC.

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