Nebraska looking to get "Lucky" in Sept.

Nebraska recruiting has taken an interesting turn this year. Interesting to say that it's been one hectic ride. Offers that you can't possibly keep track of, five and four-star athletes galore that are listing NU and trends of continued interest from some of the best preps in the country that Husker fans aren't that used to seeing. Heck, some of those "elite" players are even scheduling officials right now and wouldn't you know it, it looks like Nebraska got a little "luck" there as well.

Florida, USC, Washington, Nebraska, LSU, etc. and so on. The offers list for Marlon Lucky isn't terribly long, but it illustrates the old quality over quantity saying quite well.

It's enough in fact that Lucky has pretty much the teams he's mostly considering on that short list of offers, Marlon already looking to figure out where his officials are going to go.

As of now, one has found it's way into the books. "I'm heading on an official to Nebraska on September the fourth." Marlon said of attending Nebraska's home-opener. "I'm excited because I finally get a chance to actually see everything I have been hearing about when it comes to them."

What he's heard about is probably what most recruits hear about when others talk about the Huskers. The "Sea of Red", the "Tunnelwalk" and the pure crazy fans. That's not all Lucky wants to see as you can imagine, he's got other interests in mind. "I'm checking out the "backs"." Marlon said of watching the running backs during the game. "I want to see how they use them so I can see how they might use me."

You want to use Lucky, just name the offensive style you have and chances are he'll fit in. Having over 200 yards receiving last year and almost 1,800 yards rushing, he's the epitome of what you could define as a "versatile" weapon for the "O".

It's that versatility he wants to see in Nebraska when he visits, because that's what he's heard all about. "They like giving it to the running backs to get the ground game going and they like to pass it to their running backs out of the backfield." Marlon said. "That's the kind of offense I want to be part of, because it uses me for everything I can do. I don't think there's a real weakness in my game, so I want to go someplace I get a chance to do as much as I can."

Nebraska will get Lucky's first visit, but Marlon hasn't scheduled any others as of yet. The top candidates for those are according to Marlon are, Washington, Florida and USC.

Now, as to leaders, at least right now, Lucky said "Nebraska and USC" were leading the pack, albeit by a very narrow margin. "There's a lot of time and I'm not deciding anything until probably after my season is over."

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