Visit to Lincoln: On a scale of 1-10, Dillard says

With Nebraska already as his leader, Phillip Dillard wasn't looking to see anything in Lincoln that made the Huskers his number one. They already were that, but that was without ever actually seeing the campus in person. Over this last weekend Dillard got a chance to do just that. Now, the question is, what does he think of Nebraska now?

The campus wasn't lined with corn.

Hardly a revelation to some, but believe it or not, that's a perception some have around the country as to the aesthetic appearance of UNL.

Corn around the campus, corn along the sidewalks and corn where corn just shouldn't be.

Phillip certainly didn't think that he was going to have to use a combine to get from the stadium to other places he wished to visit, but the overall design wasn't quite what he envisioned from Oklahoma. "It was a lot different than what I thought it would look like." Phillip said. "I saw corn, but it wasn't like all over the place. The campus was really nice."

One other thing that is well-known in Nebraska, at least at the University of Nebraska isn't the prominence of crops, rather of weights and a lot of them. The reputation that the Huskers have as having one of the premier weight-rooms in all the country is certainly well-deserved. Even with those high expectations though, Dillard found himself surprised yet again. "You know it's going to be nice, but it was a lot nicer than I thought it would be." he said. "The weightroom, the facilities and everything they have, it was pretty impressive to see."

The trip was more than a sight-seeing tour, however, as there were people to meet, players and coaches alike. To that end, the pleasant surprised didn't stop for one of the best preps out of the state of Oklahoma. "I got along with the coaches even better than I thought I would." Phillip said. "They all came out to greet me, even some that weren't coaches."

"And the players, like the Bullock brothers, I got along with all of them real well and it's just better than I thought it would be."

Better? How much better? That's the question Husker fans want to ask. Considering the fact that NU was already number one and Dillard already no doubt had high expectations coming in, how much better could it be? "A lot better." Phillip said. "I'd say that my trip went above anything I expected and better."

Just to be a little corny, I thought that I would try to get a gauge on just how much "better" the visit was overall. So, I asked Phillip on a scale of 1-10 - 1 being that you wouldn't go there if it was the last University on earth and 10 being ‘give me the papers, I'm signing', just where did Nebraska sit with him.

Dillard responded simply, "10."

Phillip stated that he will be officially visiting Nebraska for the Huskers home-opener on Sept. 4th as they host Western Illinois.

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