Tazmanian Devil lineman carrying about 20 offers

The Loony Tunes Tazmanian Devil character, or Taz is known as "A strong murderous beast, jaws as powerful as a steel trap, has ravenous appetite, eats tigers, lions, elephants, buffaloes, donkeys, giraffes, octopuses, rhinoceroses, and moose."

While Ronnie Wilson, JR. isn't out eating tigers and elephants, it doesn't mean he couldn't tackle one or ear-hole them on a pull from his offensive guard position.

At 6-foot-4 and 331 pounds he moves well for a big man. He actually cites his speed and agility as his strengths when it comes to playing offensive line. Where he gets his nickname though is how he brings his game on the field.

"It's Taz," Wilson said. "That's me. He doesn't care and that is me on the field. He goes through trees and I go through people."

It's easy to see why that would be a desirable trait in a player. Already Wilson is carrying about 20 offers. His top five at the moment is Florida, Ohio State, Pitt, North Carolina State and LSU.

"I have set up three officials. I am going to Ohio State for the Michigan game. I am going to North Carolina State for the Ohio State game, and to Pitt for the Boston College game. I have to set up a trip to LSU still."

Given the convenient distance from Pompano Beach to Gainesville, the Gators will most likely not get an official which leaves one official up in the air. "No, I haven't decided where to take the last one yet. There are quite a few schools that I am still considering. It's hard to say."

Nebraska stepped up and offered Wilson pretty early in the recruiting year. In fact an offer was given to Wilson before school was out for the summer. "Yeah, they offered. I don't really know too much about the school."

Wilson isn't sure what position schools are recruiting him for either. While he is listed as a nationally rated offensive guard he also plays defensive tackle. Although starting at guard, defensive tackle is his preference.

"I like defense, but offense is cool. I just like to hit. I play defense first. I like to hit."

Wilson cited many reasons for his success on the defensive line. "It's my power and my ability to get people out of the way. I have a rip and swim move and I use them. I only use them though when they can challenge my bull-rush."

"On offense I think like a defensive player. I have enough quickness to pull with my speed and power. When they blink I am right there. I find somebody to hit."

Hence, the Taz nickname. It's not a physical characteristic with Wilson. Instead, it's the attitude. The Taz goes whirring around like a tornado, slicing through trees like a rotary saw, and feasting on an entire ecosystem of jungle creatures. Wilson does it, except on the gridiron.

Wilson was a first team all-county selection and a second team all-state selection last year.

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