BRR Countdown No. 4

Expectations are what they are. Either you meet them or you don't. As we climb up and up the countdown, you'd think that any team might be happy to be amidst this special group. Well, yes and no, but that depends on your expectations and year after year after year, for whatever reason, this team seems to fall short. Let's take a look at number 4.

What's the problem with the Texas Longhorns? All the talent in the world, speed, strength, size and everything that a team seems to need to bring a title to Austin.


As the saga goes, it has gone for so very long it seems as the Horns fall short, fall shorter and yet again find themselves looking up at those holding the hardware.

And let's not even talk about Oklahoma.

The question this year will be if new co-DC Greg Robinson can make a difference in helping make sure that another Oklahoma isn't in their immediate future.

It's more about one coach though unless you are talking about THE coach at the helm. Mack Brown has been a coach who's known for titles, but unfortunately none of them have "AP" or a crystal football located somewhere upon them.

The stigma itself is almost enough to give you pause when trying to think that Texas can finally get over the hump.

This year though, there's a few other reasons as well.

Actually 262. That's the total number of starts that just 7 players had from Texas that aren't going to be at Texas anymore.

Guard, Tillman Holloway - WR, B.J. Johnson - WR, Roy Williams - LB, Reed Boyd - DE, Kalen Thornton - DT, Marcus Tubbs and CB, Nathan Vasher.

I don't care what kind of recruiting classes you have, replacing that isn't going to be easy.

Along with that will be a two-QB system featuring Chance Mock and Vincent Young.

A two quarterback system? That says enough right now, but as usual, Mack Brown thinks it can work. "It's a good thing to have two good quarterbacks." he said at Big XII media days. "You don't want an injury to hamper your season. You always need two good quarterbacks."

While that is a safe philosophy, the expected use and frequent use of both QBs during the season promises to bring a certain confusion. Texas can only hope it's the opponents that are feeling it though and not themselves as was seen a few times last year.

The bottom line on Texas, however, is that you could spend hours talking about how good they should be with the likes of Young, Benson, Crowder and Johnson in the mix. You can talk about how good they could be with their only real road game test should actually be on neutral territory as they try to pay back the Sooners.

In fact, with the schedule the Horns have this year, there's no reason why they don't have a solid shot to take the whole thing.

One problem though.

This is Texas. A team that is laden with "should of" and "could of" in it's recent years, always managing a way to lose at least one game they shouldn't, scratch by in some games they win and of course they get lambasted by the Sooners.

Until they can break that trend, Texas will be without any "real" shot at a title.

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