One official scheduled for top DE in the country

Being ranked the number one defensive end in the country, hey, that's just nice. Averell Spicer is living the dream. Well, not quite as while some might look at that ranking and think it's all easy from this point forward, Spicer had a decidedly different view. It's time to get down, it's time to get nasty and it's time to make sure everyone realizes that his ranking isn't a fluke, it's totally legit.

I remember back in high school right before we graduated. They had those lists, you know "most likely" to do whatever.

Most likely to succeed, most likely to be a corporate professional or in my case, most likely not to make the most likely list at all.

For defensive end, Averell Spicer, the list he heads up is more than just most likely though. It's more like "most definitely" instead.

The best rush end in the entire country as rated by TheInsiders. You have to wonder just how that feels. "I want to be able to prove it this year." Spicer said of his lofty ranking. "A lot of people are saying it, but I don't want there to be any question by what I do out there on the field."

Spicer didn't get that ranking by accident even though he'd make you think he's done nothing up to this point. 60+ tackles and 14 sacks might say differently, but it's not just his on-the-field numbers that put Spicer at this level, it's some of his un-Godly measureables as well.

Try a 315 bench, a 560 squat and a ridiculous 32 inch vertical on for size. Yeah, it's overused, but I'm just going to say it, he's a freak and his 4.65 40 weighing in at over 260 lbs., yeah, ok, he's a freak.

Getting better for him also won't be a matter of what he's doing individually during the off-season to improve his overall game. Humorously enough, Spicer knows an easy way to get better stats than he had the year before. "They can start running my way." Spicer said of the offenses they face. "I don't look to get real high tackle totals because nobody runs my direction anymore."

Can you blame them?

No, you can't blame the offenses for being smart, but there's a whole lot of defenses that are being smart as well, mainly those being run by college coaches around the country. They want this young man and when I say "they", just pick a school and "they" probably are included.

Offers like crazy, mail by the ton and all Spicer has to do is try and sort them all out. It could be perhaps the most daunting task, even more-so than his final season of prep-ball ahead. Averell has tried to make sense of it all though and has even looked at some of the official visits he'll be taking this year. "I know two that I am going on and one of them that I have scheduled." Averell said. "I am visiting Nebraska September third and I know I am going to Florida State, but I just haven't scheduled it yet."

The rest of his list is as they say "wide-open" and Spicer hopes to have that list figured out before his season begins.

Once it begins though, Spicer is hoping to have just a few in mind, so he can keep his mind on something else that's a little more foreboding and that's keeping that number one spot all year long. "I'm looking to put up some big numbers." Averell said. "It's going to be tough because I know they won't come my way, but if you are really the number one player, you find a way to get it done."

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