South Carolina RB planning official visits

A speedster out of South Carolina that fancies himself more a physical sort than one that is going to burn you into oblivion, runningback Mike Davis is looking at bettering what he did last year. Scoring 25 touchdowns and rushing for over 2,300 yards, that's a tall order, but if Davis can do it once, there's no reason he can't do it again.

Mike Davis' Columbia high school team is poised at making a run this year. Having lost in the lower state championship last year in the state of South Carolina but bringing back a good chunk of the team from that season, Davis' hopes are high.

Mike has some high individual hopes as well, but looks at his numbers as something he's considering as gravy to whatever the team can do this year. "Of course I want to do better than I did last year." Mike said. "But, the big thing is and what we are striving for is to make it to the Lower/Upper state championship game.

Just a brief explanation on his whole "lower/upper" thing in S.C. Schools are separated in classes much like most of the states do around the country. In South Carolina however, those classes could be considered sub-classes, the two main classes being "upper south carolina" and "lower south carolina" divisions.

A team competes in either division, each having their own playoff and the winner of either division faces the winner of the other division for the whole kitten kaboodle.

That amounts to a lot of games and not even making it to the lower state title game, Columbia still competed in 14 contests on the year.

Ok, now to the good stuff - recruiting.

15 offers are what Mike could recall right now, some of those teams being Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Kentucky, North Carolina, North Carolina State, South Carolina, Nebraska, Wake Forest, Marshall, UCLA, Michigan, Florida and Maryland.

That's a big list and right about now is a time that recruits are trying to narrow that stuff down so when the time comes that coaches can call, it's not a phone virtually ringing off the hook. Davis said he's not quite there as of yet. "Me and my family are still trying to figure that out." he said of narrowing his list down. "We really haven't gotten that far yet."

Not far enough to actually schedule them, but at least one school that Davis is certain that he'll visit when his official visits roll around. "I'm probably going to visit Nebraska." Davis stated.

Davis also said of his five allowed official visits that he would like to take two or so during the year and the rest after his year is done. Now, if Columbia does indeed make it to the "upper/lower" state title game, that would put his recruiting through no sooner than mid-December which is right about the time Mike would like to get it all out of the way. "If I still have visits to take, I'll want to take those, but hopefully not very long after my season, I'll know where I want to go."

Mike wouldn't name clear-cut favorites at this time, but said that of those schools he does actually visit, he's just looking for the most comfortable place to be and is looking at who has the best program in Sports Medicine, his probable major for the future.

Davis reports tha the has a 285 bench, a 450 squat and his best forty time is a 4.44 timed at his school.

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