Brown will take one more unofficial before season

The kid is a machine. Overused terminology? Yes, but there's little way to describe Donald Brown better as he can kill you on either side of the ball. The New Jersey star is getting the kind of attention you might expect as well - having been offered and being looked at by some of the best teams in the country. Brown is also on his way to sealing the deal on his official visits as well. He talked about the teams that will likely be seeing him when that time comes around.

I remember seeing this young man at the Nebraska camp this Summer. An obvious physical specimen standing in at 5'11" and weighing around 190 lbs. Add to that the 4.40/40 he ran and the 32 ½" vertical he jumped, this kid's got the template for success.

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Brown goes up for an interception during Summer
camps at the University of Nebraska

That's success building off of the success Donald already had last year, rushing the ball for 1.115 yards - scoring 15 times and on defense, picking the ball off twice, recording 53 tackles and knocking down a whopping 14 passes in the secondary.

That versatility leads Brown to offers in writing for either side of the ball - runningback and cornerback his favored positions. Brown does look at the runningback position as his strongest, though he did say that the position he plays will not dictate where he goes as he remarked "I just want to play".

Donald has one more unofficial that he's going to take before his season begins, that one being to Iowa on the 8th. The Hawkeyes are probable contenders for one of his official visits as you might guess along with Tennessee, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Virginia.

Brown isn't sure just when he's taking his official visits, but did say that he would take them all before coming up with a school.

As to any favorites, Brown was non-committal, stating that until he actually gets to see a place in person fully, he's not going to know enough about that place to know that's the place for him.

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