Free Safety has three official visits scheduled

There's a few things I want when I am thinking of the ideal defensive player. Speed, strength and size. Add to that some of that "defensive player mentality" and sprinkle in a love to smack people around. I also do love to see an air of confidence that borders on being cocky, but doesn't quite cross the line. Nic Harris has all of those things which is why he's an ideal defensive player to me. He's pretty intriguing to the rest of the country as well.

When I think safety at the collegiate level, I might hope that a young man be at least six-foot tall, have at least a 4.6/40 or better and be able to knock the living snot out of anyone this side of a lineman.

Well, Nic Harris takes what I would like and trumps it, Harris standing at an unreal 6'3", weighing in at around 205 pounds and his forty time is indeed 4.6. Granted, my forty time was attributed to a player not even close to his size, so this kid's athleticism is obvious. His 10 interceptions last year go a long ways into bearing that idea out.

What's even more obvious about Nic is that he not only looks like a great defensive player, but acts like it as well. A little brash, a whole lot of aggressive and just try and bring the ball into his area on the field. "It's open season." Nic said. "And if I can get a clean shot, he ain't coming back on the field."

Now, let's just take a step back and think about his size for a second and picture a free-safety sporting that kind of frame. 6'3" just has to make you think that this kid can do it all. Zone coverage, man coverage, that kind of potential versatility has to have schools just drooling at the thought of getting this young man on their field and of course, making sure the other guys don't get them on theirs.

That's part of the reason for the 22 offers Nic stated he has in writing right now from schools like LSU, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Auburn, Texas A & M and Ohio State.

Nic isn't screwing around however, when it comes to figuring out a list as he's tried to narrow it down as much as he possibly can. He's got three official visits scheduled already, those going to LSU (Sept. 3), Texas A & M (Sept. 17) and Nebraska (Oct. 2).

As to the other two remaining, the list of candidates is all those stated above, plus however many Nic is deciding to keep, at least for now. "I don't have a narrowed list really." Nic said. "I like those that I am visiting, but they aren't it. It's not like my top three. I am still looking at a lot of schools, but want to get these visits finalized before the season starts."

That's because Nic plans on taking those official visits during the season so he can experience some actual games for himself. "You can't beat that kind of opportunity." Harris stated of seeing the games during the year. "It's once in a lifetime, plus you get to see what it's like on game-days at places you are interested in."

Harris figures he's definitely going to take all five of his allowed visits and make his decision after that. As for right now, he's just waiting for his final season to start. "You kind of feel it right now." Harris said of that feeling you get when football is ready to start. "I'm getting it, so I know it's time to get down to business. Heck, I'm just ready to play."

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