BRR Countdown No. 2

I don't mind being wrong. It's actually something that you have to become used to and accustomed to dealing with the backlash when you are. The problem is people who can't stand it. Well, I have to say that in this case, I could be way wrong about our next team in our BRR countdown as they could be end up the season number two where I have them ranked or as far down as sixth. It just depends on which team we'll see.

I found it ironic down at Big XII media days when Kansas State was on the podium that the last thing anyone wanted to talk about was the actual Big XII title KSU just won.

Nothing and nothing until the very last question that Snyder was asked had something to do with what the title meant. I should know because I am the one that asked.

Oklahoma, Oklahoma and Oklahoma.

The first conference title for the Wildcats might as well have not happened because all anyone could talk about was the pasting of the Oklahoma Sooners.

I guess that's good as they beat what was the number one team in the country, but come on folks, this was the first conference title in about 70 years and the second conference title ever.

Either way, the curiosity is if KSU can make it back.

Losing 7 starters on defense, their starting QB and their best receiver on the team, most would think that the Wildcats should mail it in and worry about the year after this.

KSU is usually solid on defense in recent years though even when they aren't stockpiled to the max and oh yes, they have someone name Darren toting the ball.

Behind three returning starters on the O-line, my pick for the best back in the country will no doubt tear people a new one as he rips off yards chunks at a time. Sproles is the real deal all the way through.

Is that enough?

New QB, new receivers and so many replacements on defense, that has to be enough to take KSU down.

You forgot something, didn't you?

That's right, the infamous or should I say notorious KSU schedule and believe it or not, it's even easier than usual.

Aside from their typically tomato can out of conference schedule, KSU's toughest game on the road is against Missouri. They get Oklahoma at home, Nebraska at home, Texas Tech at home and if Iowa State has any game at all, they'll have to show it off in Manhattan as well.

For a team having to reload, this is just the right recipe for maintaining their spot in the North. The questions will be as to whether they can repeat as the champ of the entire thing.

Well, KSU is reloading, but Oklahoma is seriously reloading, meaning their back-up horses are better than KSU's starters. Oklahoma was easily the most talented team last year as well and Snyder still managed to pull the upset.

It won't happen this year as Snyder's blueprint on OU worked like a charm once, but don't bet on it applying as well the next time around.

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