Anderson 98% set on playing TE in college

There are a few things that you can count on each year. As long as I can remember the groundhog will always see it's shadow. The Yankees will always pay for talent and The Woodlands in Texas will be very competitive on the football field.

It is like a sure bet. The Woodlands made it to the 5A title game last year in Texas and are hoping to make another run. If they do, one of their leaders will be Kyle Anderson.

He's not easy to miss. I mean, 6-foot-5 and aroudn 250 pounds and runs the 40-yard dash in the 4.6-4.7 second range. He stands out like a sore-thumb.

"I've been training a lot this summer," Anderson said. "I just did the LSU camp and was planning on Texas A&M and Miami but I was sick. I have been getting teammates together to train. I've been playing a lot of basketball and working on my hand-eye coordination."

This summer Anderson wasn't looking for huge improvements to try and get a division one offer. Instead, it was fine-tuning the machine. "I've really been working on getting my speed back. I'm really happy with that. I've been working on my routes with our new quarterback. He's going to have a great year."

So, if Anderson is running routes does that mean that he is set on playing tight end not just this year, but for years to come?

"Yes, I'm about 98% sure that I want to play tight end (in college). I'll play some defensive end this year as well. Our defensive line is talented but not real tall."

All of the offers, according to Anderson, are for him to play tight end except for UCLA. They are recruiting him as a tackle, out-right. That doesn't mean that if Anderson wants to play tackle though that those recruiting him as a tight end will stop. But, it does mean that they will have a lot more competition.

"Some schools told me that if I am interested in playing offensive line to let them know. A couple of those schools were Texas and Oklahoma. I'm not interested in playing tackle though."

The summer has almost past Anderson without a real chance to sit down and think about official visits. "Well, I have thought about them a little bit. I haven't had to talk to my dad about it though. He's in London right now."

Despite not having a chance to sit down and discuss his officials with the family Anderson did mention some schools that he is considering officially visiting. "Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and UCLA although they are recruting me as a tackle. Maybe Kansas State and maybe Florida."

Last season Anders hauled in 20 passes for 260 yards and scored seven touchdowns. He bench presses 370 pounds, squats 415 pounds and has a 30" vertical jump. Kyle is the No. 14 rated tight end in the nation according to The Insiders.

Video 1 - #81 Kyle Anderson (TE)

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