One official scheduled for Top 10 Lineman

You are not going to find many that are living the dream as they say every time they step on the field. Offensive lineman, Chris Scott is and he's living it right now. His team already in pads, Chris is in his words "feeling it", knowing the real stuff is right around the corner. Recruiting is upon him as well and Chris talked about that and the fact that he now has one official visit scheduled with four left to go.

"It feels good."

Chris Scott said that to me and I am serious, I could practically hear the guy smiling. The pads are on, the hits are coming or in his case, he's dishing them out. It's almost time to get down to it, but Scott is enjoying it right now. "Man, we are out there, hitting and all that - it feels like forever since we've put on the pads." he said. "I don't know if it feels any different, but I know it feels good to be back."

Scott almost says that as if he's retired and came back, but this young man is a far ways from there. In fact, Scott is probably experiencing just a portion of what will be his entire football career right now.

Where Scott plays that second phase, that being the collegeiate level of ball, that's still up in the air, but Scott has came down to a few and for one even scheduled an official. "I'm just waiting to get my paperwork back from Nebraska." Scott said. "I scheduled an official there yesterday for the second week of December and coach Wagner is sending me the paperwork back to let me know it's a done deal."

Scott said that he plans on scheduling official visits to Georgia, LSU and Mississippi State, but did say that of the Nebraska visit, it was key in scheduling them right now. "Scheduling Nebraska first, for me it was just the most important right now." Scott stated. "I've just had a great relationship with coach Blake, coach Wagner and coach Callahan."

Because his visits are going to take place after the season, Scott has a lot of time to think about who's going to be that fifth and of course, think about which team is best for him. Scott said that he'll figure that out when the time comes, but what he's most looking forward to isn't playing for such and such team, it's playing..........period. "There's nothing like being out there." he said. "You feel it, smell it, it's the best feeling around. There's no place I'd rather be."

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