Grades are in for JUCO star!

It was perhaps the hardest battle of his life. Ok, maybe not so much, but for this junior college kid, worrying about grades and just where they are at hasn't been the easiest time in the world. This last Tuesday he got the word on just how they turned out and now we know if he'll be heading to Nebraska.

With much speculation about the status of return superman, Marque McCray, as time has wore on, the hopes have wore thin with Husker fans hoping for this instant playmaking machine.

McCray standing just 5'9" and weighing in at approximately 190 lbs. belies his size with his potential physicality, but where this young man shines is when it's you and him one-on-one and it's the open-field. "I don't think there's anyone that can get me in situations like that." McCray said laughingly. "I don't know. I guess that's my element."

His element indeed, Marque recognized as an All-American last year for San Mateo community college. That wasn't just for returning kicks, but catching balls as well and point of fact, McCray values that versatility. "It just means I can do more than just one thing." he said. "The more you can do, the more you play and I always want to play."

You could literally hear him smiling on the phone as he knew he soon would be indeed doing just that - scheduled to take a plane into Lincoln tomorrow. It's the off-the-field battle that is finally over now and typical to his on-the-field prowess, McCray went speeding by. "It feels so good to have that behind me." Marque said. "You don't know anything until those grades come and when they did I was like ‘wow', it's finally done.".

One thing is done and another thing is about to begin, that of course being his career as a Nebraska Cornhusker. And Marque plans not to waste any of the two years he has to play at NU. "That's the plan." McCray stated of getting out there right now. "I don't know who is where or what's going on, but I know that I am going to work my butt off to get on the field. That's what they want from me and you know that's what I want from myself."

The staff at Nebraska will probably no doubt welcome McCray's addition, the spots at both kickoff and punt return having yet to be nailed down by any players just yet. To ask Marque, he wouldn't mind doing them both because, well, that's what he likes to do. "Put me out there, give me a little blocking and I'm going to make something happen." he said. "When I am out there and it's just me in the open-field, I don't think there's anyone that can bring me down."

It seems that's a theme with Marque in that he's not going to be kept down. And when it seemed the bleakest time of all as to his future at Nebraska, that didn't get him down either. Now, it's not about what was, but what will be, about what could be and basically, the future. McCray would disagree to a point, however, for him, it's about right now. "I'm heading to Nebraska." he said. "That's what I wanted and I am finally going and nobody is happier than me."

"Now, I am just ready to play some ball."

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