In state bound for Trott? Maybe...maybe not!

The latest on Tommy Trott was that it was a two horse race for his services between the in-state schools -- Auburn and Alabama. While he may very well end up at either of those schools Tommy calls that rumor what it really is.

Summer has come and gone and for those of those not back in school or practicing yet they will be, soon. Tommy Trott begins the school year next Wednesday, but has already started practicing.

"Long practices from 7-12," Trott said. "Three days of shorts and helmets and then into full-pads. This summer I have been doing speed training and really hitting the weights hard. At school we do more power lifting so afterward me and some guys go to a local gym and do more lifts that look good on paper like bench-press."

The summer has been busy for Trott beyond his training that took in a junior day at Georgia Tech, camped at Auburn and Alabama and took unofficial visits to Miami and Florida. "I believe that I am up the 12 offers now."

"The Clemson written offer finally came in. They told me a long time ago that they were going to offer. It's been a while since I got a new one. It would probably be the one from Ole Miss."

Although it's been a while for Trott to receive an offer he wasn't expecting doesn't think that the number of offers won't increase. Trott is a very athletic tight end who blends great size with great speed and is currently the No. 6 rated tight end by The

Trott hasn't had a real chance to get his leader board straightened out yet, but admits that some teams are standing out. "I've only been to five schools. I definitely like the in-state schools. Miami and Florida were fun. Although Georgia hasn't offered I grew up watching them. Then there is Nebraska, Clemson, LSU and Ole Miss and the rest of my offers."

While Nebraska wasn't one of the first few schools that Tommy mentioned in his favorites it was the first school that he talked about when it came to official visits. "I've talked to the Nebraska coaches about taking an official there. I am going to go up there for a game. I don't have a date set. It might be the Missouri game."

"I don't know about taking an official to Auburn or Alabama. I've been to a lot of their games before. I'm not real sure. I would probably go back to Miami for an official."

With Auburn and Alabama having got Trott to attend camp and growing up in-state, is it fair to call this battle down to the in-state teams? That is the current rumor circulating about Trott and that those are the final two schools.

"It does sound like a rumor. I could stay in state, but I may not. Alabama and Auburn are big schools here when you are growing up here. I grew up an Alabama fan and I went to my fair share of Auburn games. Those are definitely two schools that I will look at. I am going to look at the out of state schools too."

"I'd like to talk to some coaches first because you only get to take five officials. I don't want to waste them. It's been a while since I spoke to Nebraska. I need to call and set up the visits. We like them (Nebraska). Bill Callahan got on the phone when I called there before. We like them."

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