Dan Doering knows of three officials he'll take

There is a certain amount of interest that goes with every top-flight recruit. Schools that want them, of course, but the more popular they are, exponentially the amount of attention they get from reporters, analysts and even fans increases. Offensive lineman, Dan Doering has experience that and then some. It hasn't, however, deterred him from staying the course when it comes to the recruiting process. As it is, Doering has managed to chop down his list and even schedule an official or two.

A sandy beach, bright sun, perfect weather and amidst all those wonderful natural sounds there doesn't exist one very unnatural sound for Dan Doering.

The phone.

On a recent vacation Doering was able to spend time with his family and away from the hubbub that has become his day-to-day life.

Of course, Doering had to return at some point and when he did, he became Dan Doering - ultra-standout recruit and one of the best linemen in the country. "I have been doing interviews since about ten this morning." Dan said of the media onslaught since his return.

That's nothing new for Doering has he's had to endure this attention since shortly after his Junior year concluded. Ranked as one of the very best linemen in the country and a young man that simply shines on any film you see, to be Dan Doering is to be a little overwhelmed.

Not on the field mind you, that being the place Doering reigns supreme. His 6'6" 300 lbs. frame indicative of a sheer physical presence, but belying the uber-agility that Dan exhibits while he's engaging with one and sometime two different defenders.

This is the place where Dan feels at home and the season isn't approaching fast enough. "Just doing interviews today, people are asking me things like ‘how do you play football' or ‘what do you do during games' and I was talking about what was going through my head and I was just getting chills." he said. "I'm just thinking about putting my pads on and I can't wait."

Dan might not be able to, but his opponents might disagree, Doering as good as there is from the vast selection of tackles across the country. It's ironic though, when you talk to a person witch such individual ability in how he describes the source of his biggest strength on the field. "It's my guy next to me." Doering said of the guard playing beside him. "He's like my brother and if you really want to be successful as a line out there, you have to be able to trust that guy next to you more than anything."

"Those five guys on the line, you have to trust those guys to get help from or they trust you to help them if it's needed. I think that's the most important thing of all."

You can't deny the value of unity across the line of scrimmage. It's imperative that in any offense the entire line be on the same page. There is something to say, however, for an individual's ability to take over when things might break down. That's the time to get intense and that's when wherever Doering is, if you are a defender, find someplace else to be. "It's a war between you and the other guy." he said. "That guy is trying to take a piece of your pride away from you. He's trying to beat you and you can't let that happen."

Doering doesn't or has probably to the tune of what you might be able to tally on one hand. It's one of only so many reasons that he's been feeling the glut of attention for so long.

That vacation was a reprieve from that glut, but not even in Maui, Hawaii could Doering escape from the fame that even as just a prep, he's managed to attain. "We were in this airport in Maui and it was like a really small airport - maybe 15 terminals in total." Dan said. "It was open seating and we ran into these people from Nebraska."

"It was a lady and her daughter - she was like 10 years old and we asked if they were big Husker fans. They were and my mom told them that I was being recruited by Nebraska and they were like ‘oh really?' and all that."

"Her daughter though, she knew like everything - all the coaches' names, the players and was just a die-hard fan."

"Well, she reaches into her little backpack and she pulled out like three magazines and she was flipping through them, she finds my name in the back of one of the recruiting lists and her mom like freaked out. She was like "Oh my God, that's you?!?!?" and I said ‘yeah, that's me'."

"So, she had me sign her magazine and all that, but it was fun."

Doering's experiences as a high-profile recruit haven't followed that level of extremes, but it's almost symbolic of the fervor around his recruiting from coast to coast. Well, in this case, even beyond.

You think to September and the times all those schools coveting Doering and what was once a glut now becomes a deluge of attention.

Doering knows this and is more than prepared for the barrage of calls and inquiries to come - already weaned into that quite well from his experiences this year.

The eventual anvil of appreciation in the form of telephone calls ad-nauseam, however, hasn't hurt Dan wanting to chip away his list as much as he can right now. To the extent that while Dan hasn't scheduled any of his official visits as of yet, he knows where at least three of them will take place. "I know I am going to visit Nebraska, Iowa and Notre Dame." Dan said. "I want to get them lined up with some others that are taking visits, so I'll have to take a look at that."

Three down, two to go, so it would seem that Dan's list has finally found a little bit of a more manageable size. That would certainly the case if he wasn't considering no less than 10 other schools for either of those remaining slots.

The glut continues.

And, it will for a time or at least until Dan finally decides just who those two other schools are and yes, it will "really" cease once he makes that final decision on just where he wants to go. As Dan is planning on two of his official visits during the season (if possible) and the rest afterwards, it's not likely a scenario that Dan will get to experience anytime soon.

Doering's used to it by now and knows that the attention can sometimes get a bit much, but it's better than none at all. "My mom tells me that if you agree to one part of your life like the interviews and all the stuff in recruiting, you give up part of your life like going out and just doing whatever." he said.

"Sometimes it gets old, but there are some guys out there that aren't being recruited at all, so I have to remember that I'm pretty fortunate to be in the position I am."

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