Hedstrom visits Nebraska!

Usually it's lucky number nine, but for Eric Hedstrom it could be lucky number eight. Still recovering from a battle with the flu, Hedstrom made the journey from Illinois to the middle of the Midwest to see what Nebraska had to offer.

BigRedReport caught Eric Hedstrom just as they were leaving the campus. "We just left. We'll probably drive for a few hours and then stop," Hedstrom said. "It (Nebraska) was unbelievable. Beyond my expectations."

Those expectations are with a good basis for comparison. Before Nebraska Hedstrom had seen Purdue, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Iowa, Illinois, Northwestern, and Northern Illinois. "Each school has something unique," Hedstrom said.

"Nebraska is just doing everything new. They had unbelievable facilities and I got to see the construction for the new facilities. The atmosphere is unbelievable there. I also saw the players and the pride that they have to be a player there."

Hedstrom, the 6-foot-6 senior from Arlington Heights (IL) Prospect High and his parents had a very busy day on Friday. "We got the tour of everything. We went through the engineering building and spent time with the academic advisors. We went on the field. I got to meet all of the coaches."

"We met Coach Bill Callahan. We talked to Coach Wagner who is the offensive line position coach and Coach Callahan the most. We also spoke to Coach Cosgrove because he is the coach that recruits my area."

Did Hedstrom see enough to commit to Nebraska? "No, I didn't commit. I want to make the right decision. I haven't set an official up there yet, but I am going to set it up."

Hedstrom is rated as a 4-star offensive tackle and the No. 30 rated offensive tackle in the nation.

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