Edgewater standout has a firm top four

When you talk about great offensive tackles this year you have to talk about Matt Hardrick. When you are the top anything in the state of Florida when it comes to football -- you're pretty good.

Matt Hardrick stands 6-foot-5 and 340. The extra weight is the good stuff. He picked up about 10 pounds this summer weight lifting and working out.

"The summer was good. It was hot," Hardrick said. "I was working on being disciplined on the line. Not jumping off sides. Also been working on keeping my hands inside. I came back from LSU and learned how to keep my hands inside. You just clap them and they are together."

Hardrick will be a third year starter for powerhouse Orlando (Flor.) Edgewater and is known for his aggressiveness on the line. His play has earned him offers from some of the nation's best programs.

"Oh, it's so many (offers). It's probably 40 or more total. I have sort of narrowed it down to LSU, Miami, Florida State and possibly Oklahoma. I haven't really thought about my officials. I'm going to wait until after the season to take them."

Hardrick had this to say about his favorites:

LSU - The educations system. I like the way they stick by their kids. No matter if it's an athlete or a regular student. They have a very good study hall. I like the graduation rate and the team GPA.

Miami - I haven't really been able to do too much research on Miami.

Florida State - The tradition. I also have some friends there that I used to play with.

Oklahoma - The tradition and the discipline that they have. The tradition mainly.

"I'll take those four officials. I'll at least take those four."

Could Nebraska find a way to get an official from Hardrick? "Yes, I'd visit there."

"So far all I know is that they have a very good coaching staff. They graduate a lot of their players and a lot of their offensive linemen go into the NFL. If anything, I'd have to look into that."

Hardrick is looking at much more than the team, the facilities and even the academics when it comes to picking a school. "The people, the players, the students, the teachers and the town. I am also going to look at the coaching staff. Then I am going to look at where their players are to helping me on and off the field. Also the living styles. In the end, it's mainly for the education."

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