Smoaky's Interview of Recruit Demorrio Williams

And now we will talk one more thing about football, you went from being not recruited whatsoever from a very small school, 1A Beckville to committing, what was it, 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 8 weeks ago to one of the most traditional powers in college football at Nebraska....

The following interview was completed on December 5, 2001, by David Smoak (Smoaky), KTBB, Tyler, Texas, on his daily sports talk show. Smoak is a very enthusiastic, professional, unbiased local sports announcer who just happens to be a big Nebraska fan. He occasionally posts on this board. The interview has been only been edited by dropping some extra words for clarity; no English usage or actual wording has been changed. All editing has been done by yours truly, ET (LynnH) and I am responsible for all mistakes. I only wish you could have heard the tone of voice and reflection in this interview.

q- David Smoak
a- Demorrio Williams
-----------not clear on recording.
..............Trailing off, over ridden.

q. We are now joined on the PS vending hot line by sophomore most likely soon to be all American linebacker for Kilgore College Demorrio Williams. Hey, Demarrio, are you there?
a. Yes, sir.
q. How you doing?
a. Just fine, how about yourself?
q. I'm doing well, first of all I'm told your nickname is in relationship to that new -----of course, the game has been out for a long time, the guys call you Super Demarrio.
a. Yes, sir.
Q. do you like that?
a. Yes, sir.
q. do you play video games too?
a. I love video……
q. all right tell me, your story, first of all I know you've committed to play at the University of Nebraska but lets not worry about that right now let's talk about Demarrio and your life when you came out of Beckville High School, had any college at all at any level really contacted you?
a. No, sir.
q. None?
a. No sir. Like I say , I had a basketball coach that was coaching , and he went to Mary Hardin Baylor. They had just started football, they wanted me to go up there, but I really didn't want to go up there.
q. So, then to kind of tell your story, you go out to West Texas and I guess went to Cisco, is that correct?
a. Yes, Sir.
q. did you play football there
a. No, Sir.
q. What happened at Cisco?
a. I just went out there, I was 17 years old, real young, and didn't like it; wanted to be back home so, just kinda loaded my stuff up and came to the house.
q. You got homesick…
a. Yes, Sir.
q. Nothing wrong with that, we all do that and then you came back to the area and decide you are going to contact Kilgore College, and from what Coach Rieves said, you to decided to walk on, right?
a. Yes, Sir.
q. So you go from not being recruited, go to a school and get homesick, and then go to Kilgore College and then you walk on to an All American linebacker this year. How did you make that transition, so much, I mean, that's just amazing. That's an amazing story to me.
a. Well, like I say, I just, I just wanted to prove to the people I could play at the next level. A lot of people did not believe I could do it but I just wanted to prove to the people I could do it. Like I say, that was my drive the whole time to prove to the people I could do it. I did it, so…..
q. How big are you now.
a. about 195 lbs.
q. 6'1, 6'
a. 6'1
q. 6'1, 195?
a. Yes, Sir.
q. When did you realize that you had reached a different level athletically, I mean, obviously, you always had some potential and talent there but when did you realize that everything was starting to click for you.
a. Like during the season or….
q. Yeah, just playing football, was there a certain time as a freshman or as a sophomore you had been playing well all year so you knew that, I mean was there a certain thing tht made it click for you…
a. you know, a big click for me was when I was a walk on, then I came here and earned a starting job, and I had several guys look up to me as a leader, and ……..that pushed me and let me know I was doing something right and ………….turned it up a notch.
q. and you did ….
a. yes, Sir.
q. And now we will talk one more thing about football, you went from being not recruited whatsoever from a very small school, 1A Beckville to committing, what was it, 3 or 4 or5 or 6 or 8 weeks ago to one of the most traditional powers in college football at Nebraska.
a. Yes, Sir
q. That's a pretty good turn around right there, why Nebraska.
a. I gotta say, well, a lot of people did not know it, but when I went home over the summer I had already committed with the University of Nebraska, you know, they come up here and Turner Gill come up here, talked to me, let me know how they felt about me, how they could use me, and had others guys telling me that they wanted me. But like I say, you know, I'm just like everybody else, Nebraska‘s tradition that they won, they are in no kind of trouble, they don't have no bad players. I just like the program because they play football, they line up and play smash mouth football and I like that.
q. Well, as a Nebraska fan, Demorrio, I don't know if you knew that, but I wish you had been there a couple of weeks ago when they played Colorado to help them against the run.
a. Yes, Sir.
q. How bad was it to watch that game, knowing you couldn't do anything about it until next year?
a. Like I say, you know it was hard for me to watch it cause I got friends saying "you still want to go there?", you know, the media saying "Where's the linebackers, where's the linebackers", made me feel good. That's what they told me, I feel could go in, fit in and do a job for them. Made me feel good, then made me feel bad.
q. Well, I'll tell you what, you are probably going to make them feel better next year On campus for them.

Smoak then talked about struggling with grades out of Beckville High School and led into and played a statement by Kilgore College Coach Rieves that had been on his program the day before this broadcast:

"Coach Jimmie Rieves. ….that young man has accomplished more off the field then he has on the field. He is a great football player, and the reason he is a great football player because of his attitude…. He has got one of the most genuine, hard working attitudes of any young man that you would ever want to meet. My Mom was in for the game this week end and, she came by to tell me "Good Bye" yesterday on the way back to Mississippi and she met Demorrio and she called me today just to check on me. She said whoever that young man was in your office was one of the sweetest young men I have ever met. I told her who it was, and she goes you knowing what kind of football player he was I was real surprised at how good mannered and well motivated that young man is. He's accomplished so much in the class room, behind the 8 ball coming out of High school. He's done nothing but get better and better, both on and off the field, just very proud of him. "
q. Now Demorrio, those are some great words, from a coach that you mean a lot to him and vica versa. How did you get yourself turned around and when did you get yourself turned around during the time you weren't playing that you got focused on your grades
a. Yes, Sir, Like I say, you know, I made a mistake, and I felt like it, … you know, God was always on my side and like I say, coach Lane, he is not here no more, he called my house one night and I just happened to be there, and he said " Demarrio, I want to tell you something, I been trying to get in touch a week now" and he said this was going to be my last call. He called me and told me the wanted me to come back to school and play ball, you know.
q. Well, I'll tell you what, that's the story that's even now better than whether you've turned into an All American football player or not. You got refocused on what is important, because you wouldn't have done that,. Even if you played well a couple of years you wouldn't have a chance to play at a place like Nebraska or Stanford or Texas or Oklahoma or somewhere like that, so congratulations on what you've done.

Smoak concluded the interview by inviting Demorrio Williams to stop by the broadcast table at Wagstaff Gym at Tyler Junior College during the Kilgore game that evening. They also discussed how it felt for Kilgore College to finish 11-0 and be named second in the Junior College final polls. Williams indicated there are just some things you don't control, can't change, and just accept. Smoak advised Williams he considers Turner Gill, who recruited Williams, a "Class Act." Williams indicated that he was traveling to Lincoln on his official visit next week end (Dec. 14) and leaving for Nebraska on January 13 for the second semester and spring football.

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